Monday, 2020-07-06

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daurnimatorerror: the lock file /build/wishbone-utils/src/wishbone-utils-0.7.4/wishbone-tool/Cargo.lock needs to be updated but --locked was passed to prevent this13:42
daurnimatorxobs: ^13:42
xobsThat was fast. Where is this?13:43
xobsIt's passing in CI:
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence (at
daurnimatorxobs: trying to package for arch linux13:44
daurnimatorwas building in a fresh chroot13:44
daurnimator`cargo build --release --locked`13:44
xobsAh. Okay, that's probably an issue of me bumping the version, tagging, then rebuilding. It needs to be bump the version, rebuild, then tag.13:45
xobsSee if 0.7.5 fixes things. I'll get it right someday...13:46
xobsIncidentally, I just split the bridge code out from `wishbone-tool` so it's now a standalone Rust crate! \o/13:48
xobsIt's available at with documentation at
tpbTitle: wishbone_bridge - Rust (at
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daurnimatorthat's just a library right; not an application?13:52
xobsRight. It's the core of `wishbone-tool` turned into a library. So nothing for you to package, but if people want to write their own programs to access the wishbone bus, it makes it easy.13:53
daurnimatorxobs: misc warnings I'm not sure if you can fix:14:00
daurnimatorwishbone-utils W: Unused shared library '/usr/lib/' by file ('usr/bin/wishbone-tool')14:00
daurnimatorwishbone-utils W: Unused shared library '/usr/lib/' by file ('usr/bin/wishbone-tool')14:00
xobsdaurnimator: I'm on Windows, so normally when I build for Linux I build the `musleabihf` target.14:04
daurnimatorxobs: do you link against libm anywhere?14:06
xobsMy suspicion is that a dependent library has indicated it wants that library. Though they seem so basic I wonder where it's coming from.14:08
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