Tuesday, 2020-05-26

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acathlaxobs, can I ask you where you produced the fomu?14:07
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xobsacathla: the majority of them were produced via AQS, however I'm looking to do production now directly through our PCB vendor King Credie.14:17
acathlaxobs, thank you. I'm trying to get produced a small board, based on fomu schematics mostly + some other components, but it's difficult to decide where to produce.14:23
acathlaMost assembly services don't use 0201 components14:24
xobsThe PCB was the hardest thing to produce, mostly because of the combination of edge plating + hard gold.14:37
tntIf you don't need the "fit in usb" form factor, you can make it way easier to build ...15:09
acathlaIt's way much bigger with no edge plating or hard gold, but it's my first time producting a PCB and assemble it. It's just a prototype for now but the goal is to produce it later in quantities (1000?)15:56
acathlaThe PCB is not really the problem, it's the assembly and the availability of components. I'm still tring to understand how it works. I need components I can only find on taobao but I don't speak chinese...15:58
xobsThe key phrase is probably "Turnkey", where you give them a BOM and gerber files and they give you a quote.15:59
acathlaxobs, I found out, I hope everything will be OK.16:22
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