Sunday, 2020-05-10

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daurnimator:( trying to get zig working with travis.... stupid failures :(09:56
tpbTitle: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence (at
daurnimatormac is failing due to an API limit09:56
daurnimator(unrelated to my P)09:56
daurnimatorand windows is failing... due to an ssl cert that everything else is fine with?09:56
xobsI'm not sure what could cause that.  Or, indeed, how the workshop build system is set up.  The Windows error looks like it's trying to use a cert store that doesn't exist.10:01
daurnimatorbut fetching from github works fine....10:02
xobsMy guess is Python is probably doing other than using the system cert store.10:05
daurnimator indicates it should...10:11
tpbTitle: Message 279603 - Python tracker (at
xobsLet's try restarting it.10:16
xobsMaybe... the clock was off or something along those lines.10:16
xobsNo, that's not it.  My current guess is something strange is up with the python path.  Or maybe it's misdetecting the environment.  But it does work six days ago...10:23
daurnimatorheh; well alternate solution incoming.... install it from choco for windows :P10:49
xobsInstall Zig, you mean?10:49
xobsWell, if it works. Creative!10:50
daurnimatorthe CI scripts are... not well laid out for what I'm attempting :(10:57
daurnimatorwell got a little further.... now for some reason git is changing line endings on windows???11:15
xobsIt does that.11:16
daurnimatorI added a thing to git attributes to tell it not to.... and it still does it11:16
xobsYou can try running `git config --global core.autocrlf false` before the checkout.11:17
daurnimator >. <12:13
tpbTitle: Customizing the Build - Travis CI (at
xobsAh, I see. Some things really do care about the line ending. Nice find, though. Going to modify that?12:14
xobsI don't think Python cares.  But Zig requires you to not put `\r`?12:14
xobsStill, gitattributes should take care of that.12:19
daurnimatorxobs: core.autocrlf overrides attributes I think12:19
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