Wednesday, 2020-04-01

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xobsGood news, everyone!
tpbTitle: circuitpython/ports/litex/boards/fomu at master · adafruit/circuitpython · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: S3 Bucket Listing Generator (at
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tannewtxobs: make sure and add Fomu to too14:59
xobstannewt: I suspect we may need to mark more functions as ITCM.  Is tinyusb annotated as such?15:00
tannewtno, it's not but that'd be totally fine15:00
tannewton imx rt we have 32k of ITCM15:01
tannewtso we should have room for it15:01
tannewtwill need to talk with thach about how to do it15:01
xobsWhat would be the way to do it?  Should I add it to `fomu-spi.ld` like it used to be?  Since I don't think it's possible or desirable to add it upstream to tinyusb.15:01
xobsThis was my previous approach, which worked well:15:01
tpbTitle: circuitpython/fomu-spi.ld at fomu · xobs/circuitpython · GitHub (at
tannewtxobs: ya, we could do it based on filename15:04
xobsAlright, I'll put together a patch tomorrow and open a PR.15:11
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jsIs tpb a bot that just posts <title> of links?20:39
CarlFK /whois tpb ... Ident name: ~supybot21:09
CarlFKsupybot takes plugins that do all sorts of things.  I am guessing it also logs21:10
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