Friday, 2020-02-21

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FallenHi everyone I just bought a fomu and having an issue with the leds not working as soon as I plug it in. When utilize the example code micropython-fomu.dfu I'm told there is no error condition present. I was what steps I should take in trouble shooting03:31
xobsFallen: sounds like it could be a manufacturing problem. The leds might not be soldered correctly.03:35
xobs"no error condition" means that the program loaded successfully, and you can continue the workshop, but you'll probably want to contact Crowdsupply to get a replacement.03:36
FallenAppreciate it. Just wanted a second opinion before I contacted them and to see if there were any other troubleshoot procedures that might be recommended.03:38
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tpbTitle: [#16507] Add Wishbone bus to Verilator Plugin · renode/[email protected] · GitHub (at
xobsmithro: hooray! we should add that to the workshop. Verilator is really cool.04:16
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tpbTitle: Testing firmware in Renode on Travis by mateusz-holenko · Pull Request #339 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
mithroxobs: This PR adds Renode integration to Travis CI tests. It includes basic test suits for: LiteX BIOS, the default H2U firmware, Zephyr, micropython, Linux04:24
xobsI could definitely see that as being useful.04:25
xobsI've been spending a lot of time in Renode lately as I work on developing Xous, and while it has its surprising quirks it's overall pretty good.04:27
mithroxobs: Let's try and stamp out those quirks :-)04:41
xobsSome are hard to reproduce.  Like I have one where if I set a breakpoint, I need to reset Renode twice in order to have it hit.04:57
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squelchSo I'm getting a `dfu-util: Cannot open DFU device 1209:5bf0` error when I don't run dfu-util as sudo against the Fomu19:10
squelchwhen I do run as sudo, I get `Found DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=10, cfg=1, intf=0, path="1-1", alt=0, name="Fomu PVT running DFU Bootloader v1.9.1", serial="UNKNOWN"`19:11
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squelchNot sure what to do about this and a cursory Google search hasn't pulled up anything useful. I suspect I need to add someting to /etc/udev/rules.d but unsure what19:13
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acathlasquelch, is probably the right place to start20:11
squelch@acathla, ah hah, thanks20:14
squelchthat did the trick20:14
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squelchNow screen seems to only work when I use sudo20:28
CarlFKsquelch: sounds like permission problem, which sounds like udev problem20:30
squelchI agree it sounds like a permission problem but I'm not fully sure it's udev related20:31
CarlFKHmm. my fomu isn't showing up in lsub, and dmesg shows [465560.166142] usb usb3-port2: unable to enumerate USB device20:38
CarlFKdfu-util -l - Found DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=109, cfg=1, intf=0, path="3-2", alt=0, name="UNKNOWN", serial="UNKNOWN"20:42
CarlFKlsusb: Bus 003 Device 115: ID 1209:5bf0 InterBiometrics20:43
CarlFKsquelch: are you in group: dialout20:52
acathlait's plugdev group if you followed the workshop, and you need to logoff/logon21:05
CarlFKplugdev gets you the tty?21:09
squelchit's plugdev group and yes, i was in plugdev and logged in/out22:09
CarlFKwhat are you loading into fomu to get a tty?  (guessing micropython? )22:11
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mithroxobs: I would like your thoughts on the approach I came up with in -- it uses git subtrees, python namespace packages and relative requirements.txt files but seems like it is *significantly* simpler way for us to do litex -- and substantially smaller too!23:49
tpbTitle: RFC: Split LiteX CPU cores into their own Python modules · Issue #394 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at

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