Thursday, 2020-02-06

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mupufHi everyone. I got a Fomu PVT through a friend at FOSDEM and it seems like everything is working but the LEDs. I can flash the latest bootloader, but no blinking happens. I also tried all the ways to get the LED to light up by using wishbone and but to no avail. Anyone had such issue before?00:02
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CarlFKmupuf: does the led light up when you give the usb connector power?00:22
CarlFKbasic usb power like when you plug it in00:22
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mupufI never get any light when plugging it00:23
mupufbut programming works and I have been having fun with migen and got my changes there, so I have full faith in the board otherwise working00:23
CarlFKsounds like the led is 'bad'00:24
CarlFKwith all of the boot loaders/configs I am aware of, it lights up00:24
CarlFKim off, bb in .. 30 min or so.00:25
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* mupuf admits he got very confused as to why all the blinker examples were not working at first00:27
mupufthey still don't blink, but at least I am less confused as it sounds like a HW issue00:27
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xobsSorry, yeah, it does sound like a hardware issue :(00:51
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mupufxobs: ok, thanks for taking the time to comment00:52
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mithroxobs: is the spibone published somewhere?
tpbTitle: spibone/ at 4666e36a6bd63980be7a3555dca32373e29fdf6c · xobs/spibone · GitHub (at
xobsmithro: I'm not sure what you mean.  It's published on git at
tpbTitle: GitHub - xobs/spibone: Wishbone bridge over SPI (at
mithroI want to see the rendered output of the spibone15:25
xobsYou mean the protocol?15:26
xobsI don't have it anywhere, but if you add a spibone bridge to your design and generate the documentation for it, it will show up in the output.16:06
xobsThe actual protocol depends on the number of wires you specify.16:06
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mithroxobs: Your next addition to lxsocdoc ->
tpbTitle: Svgbob Editor - Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG (at
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