Friday, 2019-12-27

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iTitouHi there ! I'm following the fomu tutorial at 36C3; and looking for assistance on the verilog blink example13:44
iTitouIt compiles and loads correctly over DFU; but then it does not blink, and I cannot figure out why13:45
xobsiTitou: did you set the correct hardware version?14:13
iTitouxobs: I think so (make FOMU_REV=hacker)16:09
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leonsWhere is the fomu pickup happening?16:23
leonsThere are some interested people here at the Hardware Hacking Assembly at 36c316:23
c4leons: i think it's only during the workshops :)16:24
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leonsTheres a separate HW pickup event on the Wiki16:24
tpbTitle: Session:Fomu - 36C3 Wiki (at
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mithroxobs: `:file:` --> ... is installed in :file:`/usr/lib/python2.{x}/site-packages` ... -- In the built documentation, the x will be displayed differently to indicate that it is to be replaced by the Python minor version....17:56
mithroxobs: This might be useful ->
tpbTitle: reST & Sphinx Cheat Sheet — Writing Documentation master documentation (at
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henrikwaiting at mammoth area, does someone know if and when mithro will be here?19:15
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mithroxobs: Someone here has USB issues to show you20:12
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CarlFKmithro: xobs: hi!  and.. is this correct: Circuit Pyton on riskv on fomu doesn't have persistent usb mas storage because there is currently no way to undo an autostart program that hangs or gets stuck.21:33
CarlFKwhich would brick the fomu until you connect to the pads and reload the bootloader21:34
vesimmithro: we're looking for you to obtain the fomu devices. Where are you?21:39
tpbTitle: GitHub - bjonnh/fomu-playground: A repository in which I put my Fomu ( experiments. (at
bjonnhnothing to see yet21:41
bjonnhSo the default Fomu bootloader is what provides the RiscV soft core right?21:43
xobsbjonnh: Yes, the RISC-V softcore is repurposed for your application when you use it in "RISC-V mode".21:56
bjonnhby just changing the address of the program?21:58
bjonnh(start address)21:58
xobsIt mostly does a "jump" -- but it also updates the reset vector of the CPU in case you connect a debugger and do "mon reset".21:59
bjonnhso it would reset to the program, not the bootloader?22:00
bjonnhis there a way with litex to also load a riscV program (I just want a yes/no answer, I'm not that far yet)22:01
xobsYes, there are a few ways.  As a community, we need to decide on the best way to do it.22:02
flokliHm, fomu Workshop at 19:00 and 23:00 both didn't seem to happen. Any news?22:09
xobsI'm all sorts of confused now.  Oh, there are two timings.  Well, maybe three.  There's "Hardware Pickup" and the actual sessions.22:13
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