Saturday, 2019-12-14

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ovfxobs: the python spi thing seems to work for me on pvt with foboot-2.0.3 circuitpython-0.1.100:05
CarlFKah, my mistake - this is on 19.1000:06
xobsovf: which python spi thing?00:06
ovfsorry, the usb mass storage over spi flash00:06
CarlFKlibnewlib-dev: Installed:  500 eoan/universe amd64 Packages00:07
tpbTitle: Index of /ubuntu (at
CarlFKusing fomu-toolchain-linux_x86_64-v1.5.3 ... Create build/firmware.dfu00:14
ovfusing fomu-toolchain is a pretty good idea. the ubuntu toolchain seems to be... pretty weird. i _think_ you can get somewhat further if you tell gcc to be -ffreestanding00:15
xobsThe Ubuntu one seems to be missing newlib.00:15
CarlFKanyone know Vagrant Cascadian from Teardown  Debian's port for 64-bit RISC-V, riscv6400:17
ovfit doesn't appear to be configured for newlib. it actually thinks it's -fhosted but doesn't know anything about newlib00:18
ovfi think you should just be more insistent on people using fomu-toolchain00:18
CarlFKusing the fomu toolchain, dfu-util -D build/firmware.dfu ... Failed to parse memory layout
CarlFKdfu-util -l  Found DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=33, cfg=1, intf=0, path="3-2", alt=0, name="Fomu Hacker running DFU Bootloader v2.0.3", serial="UNKNOWN"00:23
evelynCarlFK: upload firmware.bin00:28
evelyn(at least I assume you're building micropython)00:28
evelynuuh sorry if that's wrong00:29
xobsYeah, I don't know what firmware.dfu is.  It's not a dfu file.00:30
xobsHmm... Or maybe it is.  It's just that the VID/PID aren't specified, so they're some invalid default.00:45
xobsWe can see if fixes it.00:56
tpbTitle: fomu: Makefile: attempt to fix dfu file · xobs/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFKwoot.  firmware.bin.. MicroPython v1.4.1-6394-g357605260 on 2019-12-13; fomu with vexriscv01:19
CarlFKthink I should bug people about the wonky riskv compiler stuff?01:29
xobsProbably.  That's certainly an Ubuntu issue though.01:30
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