Thursday, 2019-12-12

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ovfso for a hub with just one tt, everyone should be able to see the traffic for the whole hub?00:12
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xobsYes. That was an issue in foboot versions before 1.9.00:29
xobsThey would respond to traffic destined for other devices.00:30
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ovfoh wow! this cheap "usb 2.0" hub is actually full speed (i looked at bProductProtocol=0 in disbelief but it's really FS). didn't know i could still buy those. :-)01:32
xobsThat's technically USB 2, still!01:35
ovfalso it's a tree of three 4-port hubs, but i guess that's to be expected01:36
ovfwell, a very unbalanced tree, also known as a chain.01:37
xobsChristmas tree.01:59
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mobius__I'm playing with a Fomu on a Windows 10 host + Virtualbox Ubuntu guest OS. I've set up the guest OS according to the instructions with udev rules etc. Virtualbox passes through the USB device, but I get this error: "usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -32". Any idea what is going on? dfu-util -l doesn't recognize because device had an error.19:35
xobsmobius__: if its an earlier version of Fomu, then it didn't properly support USB reset. That might be the issue.19:44
xobs1.9.1 was the first version of foboot that supported that use case19:44
mobius__xobs: it's the version you handed out today at the workshop19:44
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mobius__confirmed with windows utils that it's 1.9.120:26
xobsmobius__: hmm... Maybe try updating to 2.0.3?20:57
xobsDownload and install it.20:58
xobsI don't know if that version of micropython will work, but you can try circuitpython instead.20:58
xobsI'm really curious to know if 2.0.3 works, and if it fixes the issue.20:59
xobsCircuitpython can be downloaded from
tpbTitle: Release v0.1.1-fomu: Beta Release 2 · xobs/circuitpython · GitHub (at
mobius__xobs: that fixed it.21:29
mobius__so it was a problem with a soft reset when it did the USB feedthrough to the VM?21:30
xobsmobius__: thanks for testing! That's a good argument to push the new version.21:30
xobsYes, the issue may be that the reset process wasn't correct.21:32
xobsIt may have been fixed by
tpbTitle: eptri: use EventSourceProcess to signal usb reset · im-tomu/[email protected] · GitHub (at
mobius__xobs: Cool. It's both recognized and uploads w/ dfu-utils in the VM21:38
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