Monday, 2019-12-02

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xobsovf: gdb has a ton of stuff it can do, and it's not well documented. I didn't know about that!00:01
xobsMy issue with gdb is how unstable it is. It segfaults all the time. It may be easier and more reliable just to make wishbone requests to pull the $pc out and construct a graph from that.00:02
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ovf(almost) never had gdb segfault on me, but then i'm mostly debugging boring architectures. just dumping pc might be good enough especially as you only need a flat profile to identify hot code. 5 seconds sounds like pretty low granularity though, even for python on a fomu00:22
xobsMaybe it just doesn't deal with gdbserver very well.  Or riscv/arm?  Even when debugging "normal" platforms using openocd on Linux, I've had gdb throw asserts maybe once every couple of hours, and offer to create a core file and exit.  Sometimes it's an offer I can't refuse.00:24
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tntxobs: It'd be nice if you could use the SPRAM as cache :)08:33
MadHackerxobs: The gdbserver protocol is pretty simple. If you just want a log of PC values, you could throw together a script to do so fairly quick.09:14
tpbTitle: Debugging with GDB: Packets (at
xobsMadHacker: could be, but since I'm already writing the gdbserver, might as well skip the middleman.09:19
MadHackerTrue that! Sorry, was missing context there. :)09:20
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VercasSoooooooo Fomu and the toolchain work great on the Pinebook Pro.11:39
VercasFor anyone who's interested.11:40
VercasGDB kinda vomits Python errors but it seems to work nevertheless.11:40
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futarisIRCcloudVercas: Cool. Thought it would. I've run the toolchain fine on Samsung Linux on Dex on a Note 8.23:55

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