Saturday, 2019-11-30

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xobsCarlFK: it loads then? Hooray!00:17
CarlFKxobs: yep - I can poke around now - hooray indeed!00:23
xobsUSB hid ought to work, but I'm not sure how.00:24
xobsAt any rate, I'll make a twitter post about it.00:24
xobsHmm... though I do still see a lot of USB disk corruption.  I'll track that down.01:14
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xobsCarlFK: I fixed the SPI stuff, so should now work.02:13
tpbTitle: CircuitPython HID Keyboard and Mouse | CircuitPython Essentials | Adafruit Learning System (at
xobsAnd to answer your question from /weeks/ ago: It's now very easy to make a USB HID device :)02:13
CarlFKxobs: you catch that I can't load
xobsCarlFK: Try ?02:51
tpbTitle: Release v0.1.1-fomu: Beta Release 2 · xobs/circuitpython · GitHub (at
CarlFKxobs: not seeing tty or storage with either 0.1.1 or 1.0.102:59
CarlFKsec.. let me reboot driver crashes, maybe my kernel is mad at me02:59
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CarlFKxobs: dfu-util -D circuitpython-v0.1.1-fomu.dfu ...  dfu-util -l dosn't see it and dmesg not happy:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
xobsCarlFK: update to foboot 2.0.303:07
CarlFKxobs: making progress: Adafruit CircuitPython v0.1.1-fomu on 2019-11-30; Fomu with VexRiscv03:09
CarlFKwhen ubuntu mounted it, dmesg shows [  397.746578] FAT-fs (sdc1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.03:10
CarlFKthere is a 4 byte
CarlFK hexdump -c  ... 0000000   A   d   a   f03:11
xobsThat's probably the previous version of the file.  The SPI storage used to be really broken.03:12
xobsThe last 512 bytes of each 4096-byte page would get ignored.  It's better now!03:12
CarlFKwoot: loads and runs!03:12
xobsYay!  You should be able to get the `adafruit_hid` library from, drop it in the `lib` directory, and do hid examples.03:13
CarlFKum... which version ?03:15
xobsI just picked the latest.03:16
CarlFKcp -a /home/carl/src/tv/fomu/adafruit/adafruit-circuitpython-bundle-5.x-mpy-20191128/lib/* .03:18
CarlFKcp: error writing './adafruit_rgb_display/hx8357.mpy': No space left on device03:18
CarlFKah, I should get jsut adafruit_hid03:18
xobsYeah, there's a lot of libraries there and only 1MB free.  You should just get `adafruit_hid`03:18
CarlFKkbd.send(Keycode.SHIFT, Keycode.A)  I see A!03:23
CarlFKhow do I detect a touchpad?03:30
xobsCarlFK: Asking the hard questions.03:31
xobsI don't know.  That hasn't been written yet, but the digitalio library should work.  You could try doing something there with floating inputs.03:31
CarlFK  fix-me :p03:32
tpbTitle: fomu-workshop | Support files for participating in a Fomu workshop (at
xobsHuh, I hadn't seen that.03:33
xobsAlso, the `micropython` thing should probably be fixed.  And the `riscv-usb-cdcacm` note up above doesn't work with v2.0+03:34
CarlFKthis makes it mad:
tpbTitle: dpaste/i7XX (Python) (at
CarlFKheh.. don't run that and then switch apps to like irc03:42
xobsHow does it make it mad?03:42
CarlFKlots of sending ^c in 3 2 1 and the kepress goes to whatever has focus03:42
CarlFKbut let me try to do it as expected - to stop itself .. again03:43
xobsYes, that's what the code says to do.03:43
CarlFKwhen I did it 'right' I got one sending ^c in 3 2 1, and then a bunch of >>>'s03:43
xobsI'm not sure if it ever sends the keyup command.03:44
CarlFKyeah, it looks the same as if I hold ^c down and it starts reapeating03:46
CarlFKneat. now I can go eat dinner.03:46
CarlFKwell done!!!03:46
CarlFKxobs: kbd.send(Keycode.CONTROL, Keycode.C) should only send one.  to hold down and release:, Keycode.X) ; kbd.release_all()05:09
CarlFKmaybe the while spins faster than the keyboard driver can deliver the first ^c?05:10
CarlFKkeyboard driver, term program, serial over usb, which is flooded with HID ^Cs coming at it.  maybe the flood in one direction blocks the serial stuff05:14
xobsCarlFK: This sorta works.  The input is just floating, though, and it isn't a real captouch input.
tpbTitle: Fomu keyboard test · GitHub (at
CarlFKxobs: neat - thanks08:44
xobsCarlFK: I do see a potential problem where, if you have a `` on the disk, it doesn't boot anymore.  Fortunately it's easy to reproduce.08:54
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xobsI've built the world's worst profiler.  In gdb, I'm printing a backtrace and continuing.  In bash, I'm sending gdb a SIGINT every 5 seconds.  But at least I know which functions to stick in RAM.10:34
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TomKeddiexobs: Sounds ingenious. I've used a scope to profile once or twice, setting a pin is a fast op and you get to use familiar tools.18:18
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