Saturday, 2019-11-23

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xobsNow that USB is working, there are so many little papercuts to solve.  But at least they're easier to solve!00:41
xobsThings like the new SPI controller defaults to "big endian", which the RISC-V CPU isn't so happy about.  At least it's easy to swap that around.00:41
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mithroxobs: Were you thinking of submitting the Fomu workshop to the ISA Miniconf at LCA?18:51
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grajohntmithro was kind enough to hand me a fomu, and unfortunately it's not recognized at all when plugged into any machine (doesn't even recognize something has been plugged in).21:35
grajohntAny hardware fixes I can try?21:36
mithrograjohnt: you could try programming again21:42
grajohntRasPi with jig as shown here?
tpbTitle: fomu-hardware/hacker at master · im-tomu/fomu-hardware · GitHub (at
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pollograjohnt: that's an option yes :) I've done it that way, and although it's kinda hard to get all the clips on the board at the same time, it works21:51
grajohntDefinitely worth a try!21:51
tpbTitle: fomu-hardware/README.asciidoc at master · im-tomu/fomu-hardware · GitHub (at
mithroI normally give out a couple at a time in case you get a dead one.21:57
mithroBut I've started running low21:57
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