Saturday, 2019-11-09

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TomKeddiemithro: Hey Tim, do you know if anyone is working on litex/migen board/platform definitions for the hadbadge?  I've done one for nmigen but I think I still need litex so I thinking of making one for migen.  Thanks.14:58
tpbTitle: GitHub - xobs/haddecks: LiteX for the Hack-a-Day 2019 Badge (at
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xobsTomKeddie: I'm not working on it at the. Pull requests are appreciated!15:51
TomKeddiexobs: ack, I'll see what I can do.16:04
xobsTomKeddie: if my home Internet is up (it's been flaky lately) the currently working parts are documented at
tpbTitle: Documentation for Hack a Day Supercon 2019 Badge Hack a Day Supercon 2019 Badge documentation (at
TomKeddiexobs: thanks.   It looks like you're missing a push somewhere? "error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object 177ce2390d9ac33069d6e9c3411315cea1aa758016:18
TomKeddieFetched in submodule path 'deps/litex', but it did not contain 177ce2390d9ac33069d6e9c3411315cea1aa7580. Direct fetching of that commit failed."16:18
xobsWeird.  I have it as 4cf346...16:24
xobsTry now?16:24
TomKeddiexobs: looks good, initially I'm going to work on the simple stuff like drivers for the saos and pmods.16:32
TomKeddieDo you have it booting?  Seems like you're going for gold with Linux?16:32
xobsTomKeddie: cool!16:32
TomKeddieI had to create a tag to get it to build, you might be missing a push --tags  ?16:44
xobsGood point.  Pushed.16:45
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mithroI think @xobs is!20:07
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CarlFKxobs: tinyusb for fomu?22:54
xobsCarlFK: I'll get back to working on that on Monday. I think that with the latest patch to tinyusb, I'm now down to one issue remaining.22:55
CarlFKxobs: um... im playing with a fomu....23:25
CarlFK[email protected]:~/src/tv/fomu/fomu-toolchain-linux_x86_64-v1.5.3/bin$ dfu-util -l23:25
CarlFKdfu-util 0.923:25
CarlFKFound DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=24, cfg=1, intf=0, path="3-2", alt=0, name="Fomu Hacker running DFU Bootloader v1.9.1", serial="UNKNOWN"23:26
CarlFKgood - same as
tpbTitle: fomu-workshop | Support files for participating in a Fomu workshop (at
CarlFKbut 10 min later: Found DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=30, cfg=1, intf=0, path="3-2", alt=0, name="UNKNOWN", serial="UNKNOWN"23:29
CarlFKxobs: if I un/plug it back in again, it works: Found DFU: [1209:5bf0] ver=0101, devnum=33, cfg=1, intf=0, path="3-2", alt=0, name="Fomu Hacker running DFU Bootloader v1.9.1", serial="UNKNOWN"23:34
xobsCarlFK: seems like a reliability issue with the device, maybe? Do you have another one you can try?23:46
CarlFKyes, but im guessing it is not seated in my usb port well23:47
CarlFKI now have blinky running23:47
xobsThat could be it. The earlier model plastic case was a bit short.23:48
CarlFKalso Im using tomu case23:49
xobsThey ought to be 2.25mm (I think?) but the earlier hacker boards were 1.9mm23:49
xobsOne hack the factory showed me is to put some tape on the plastic side to thicken it up a bit.23:51
CarlFKhacker board, and yeah, I think it is thin23:51
CarlFKim loging issues so they can be addressed better later, but for now;23:52
tpbTitle: can I --download while something else is running? · Issue #61 · im-tomu/fomu-workshop · GitHub (at
CarlFKif blinky is running, can I -D pyton.dfu or do I need to reset it back to ... the state when it is blinking green23:53
CarlFKbootloader state23:53
xobsYou need to reset it.23:53
CarlFKis -e restart?23:54
CarlFKer, reset23:54
CarlFKdfu-util --device 1209:5bf0 -R ... You need to specify one of -D or -U23:55
xobs-e is "start the program that's already on there"23:56
CarlFKyeah - sorry, got start and reset miexed up.  was thinking start and restart or something23:56
CarlFKseems odd that I can't reset it without -U or -D23:57
xobsWhat are you wanting to do?23:57
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