Tuesday, 2019-10-08

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BrightonHi everyone,05:59
BrightonReferred to the group by Tisham05:59
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NordinYo all. Is this a place for the Fomu owners too?09:28
NordinOr is there an 'ARM vs FPGA' rivalry thing like Jets Vs Sharks Westside story style? :p09:31
xobsWe do both! Though it's been mostly Fomu lately.09:45
NordinOh goodo. Fomu owner here. Just done the workshop materials and hungry for more09:50
NordinI was given a Fomu by a friend at my hackerspace.09:51
acathlaSo was I :)09:58
Nordinacathla: Have you almost lost yours yet? Holy cow these things seem to hid behind atoms.09:59
xobsWhat are you looking to do with it?10:00
acathlaNope, it's here, working fine with the tinyfpga_bx10:00
MadHackerThey really do. I have half a dozen variations on the theme and they're somewhat invisible.10:00
* ssb already spent 2h searching his fomu around his desk, cumulatively10:02
acathlaCheck all your USB ports =)10:05
Nordinxobs: I had an ATtiny with an RGB led that I used with an RTC as a watch. I gave a colour to each number and it would 'flash' the time as a sequence of colours.  Might recreate that for kicks if it can keep time ok.10:08
NordinThe ATtiny was a 'digispark' if you ever saw that.10:10
MadHackerThere's a proper crystal on there. Should work. Stick it in one of the tiny USB chargers? :)10:12
NordinThat raises a good point. What voltage does it start browning out at? The FPGA runs off 1.3v I read.10:16
NordinMadHacker: yeah great to see it.10:16
MadHackerNordin: Much higher than the 1.3. The core is that voltage but I/O is at 3.3.10:20
MadHackerThe regulators look like they have an 80mV (typ, 190 max) dropout, so you're looking at 3.4V or thereabouts, I guess.10:24
MadHackerIt'll be a little load-dependent as usual.10:24
Nordinoh sure10:24
MadHackerIf you're running off a 3V lithium or something, I guess you could bypass the 3.3v regulator? The ice40 has a max of 3.45 or so, but a diode drop would bring that into range.10:26
MadHackerMinimum for the ice40 is down at 1.8ish for I/O, so you have some slack.10:27
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Nordinwee form factor 3.7v lipo is my usual (have loads). I'd house the batt in the strap maybe.11:10
MadHackerMight be OK. Have to just try it out really.11:27
acathlaIs it possible to use foboot on a tinyfpga-bx?11:50
xobsacathla: almost. I think there's a clock domain crossing issue.12:02
xobsThough that might only be in the debug module.12:02
acathlaxobs, Do you know if someone tried to port it?12:06
xobsacathla: I know I've been working on a side project that has a 48 MHz clock, but so far I've only got the dummyusb ported.12:15
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acathlaI've got a "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'litex.soc.integration.doc'" when trying to build foboot, but module works fine if imported directly. May be a python problem...14:39
acathlaOkay, it's circular dependencies...15:05
xobsacathla: Do you need to update by doing a "git submodule update" / "git submodule sync"?15:07
acathlaI had valentyusb installed globaly, foboot didn't like it15:11
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acathlaOk, foboot builds with --no-cpu option. Without, it cannot find <stdint.h>. Why is it so complicated? a simple test.c with that include works nicely (with the same riscv32-unknown-elf-gcc)16:12
xobsWhat platform is this?16:17
xobsI ask because the all-in-one toolchain has riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc, not riscv3216:18
tpbTitle: Release v1.4: build: update nextpnr, wishbone-tool, and icestorm · im-tomu/fomu-toolchain · GitHub (at github.com)16:19
acathlaI removed the risc64 toolchain so it's only the risc32-unknown-elf-gcc 9.2.0 from... the sources I guess16:24
acathlaxobs, same error with your toolchain16:34
acathlait's a Makefile error since both gcc were able to build and find their libs correctly16:37
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