Monday, 2019-09-30

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pepijndevosCan I only install th parts I'm missing from the fomu toolchain?07:47
pepijndevosOr is there a suitable riscv package in arch?07:47
pepijndevos(and wishbone)07:47
xobspepijndevos: I'm not sure about `wishbone-tool` -- I don't know if anyone packaged it.  And pretty much any riscv toolchain should work.07:48
xobsI'm not sure about yosys or nextpnr-ice40, either.  I build it with the "heap" placer, as well as building yosys with dsp support, though that's still a work in progress.07:49
pepijndevosso riscv64-linux-gnu-gcc is fine?07:54
xobsI suspect it would be fine, as long as it's multilib and can compile with -march=rv32i07:55
pepijndevosI'm still kinda confused how to load eaither a bitstream or a C program onto this things...07:57
xobsFor C, assuming you have a .bin file, you run `dfu-util -D [file].bin`.07:58
xobsFor a bitstream file called "bitstream.bin", likewise you do `dfu-util -D bitstream.bin`.07:59
xobsThe bootloader looks for the FPGA bitstream signature in the first 64 bytes, and if it's there it treats it as a bitstream.  Otherwise it assumes it's a Risc-V binary.07:59
pepijndevosi see07:59
pepijndevosSo what's this bootloader running on? Is the RiscV on the ice40? SO If I first load a bitstrea and then a riscv binary, wil the bootloader just reflash a riscv CPU first?08:02
xobsThe bootloader is running under a risc-v.  If you load a C program, it just reuses that core.  If you load a bitstream, it shuts down that core and reboots the FPGA using your new bitstream.08:03
xobsIf you unplug power and plug it back in, it loads the original bootloader bitstream from address 0.08:03
pepijndevosahh, so the flash has like a riscv core at address 0 and somewhere higher up some space to store your own shit08:05
pepijndevosSo if you load a bitstream it'll also no longer be a dfu device?08:05
xobsThe flash layout looks something like this:
tpbTitle: Fomu: An FPGA in your USB Port (at
xobs(That image should make its way into the workshop at some point... that would be a Good First Issue...)08:07
xobsYes, if you load a bitstream it will no longer be a DFU device.08:07
ssb(until powercycle)08:07
ssbxobs, btw, in which case using dfu-suffix is necessary ?08:08
xobsHowever, if you use the litex build system, you'll still be able to access the Wishbone bridge over USB, since it adds a bridge by default.08:08
xobsssb: They claim that it'll be necessary in the next version, but that warning has been there forever.  It's necessary to remove the warning, mostly.08:08
ssbxobs, ah, ok, thanks. I guess they now have to support that usecase, making warning bigger and scarier each next release forever )08:10
xobsI'm not sure if there's anyone working on dfu_util.  I think STM took the standard and redid it with their own flourishes, so the maintainers of `dfu-util` don't do much with it now.  There's not much more to be done with it, honestly.08:11
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VercasSo... I recall that a month ago I asked this question.18:14
VercasBut I'm asking again.18:14
VercasWhy is shipping taking so long? :(18:14
VercasOriginally expected to ship on Jul 30, 201918:15
VercasCurrently expected to ship on Sep 23, 201918:15
ovfxobs: speaking of which:
tpbTitle: AUR (en) - wishbone-tool (at
ovfVercas: i think it's generally more helpful to contact crowdsupply about your shipment -- as far as i know nobody in this channel has control over their logistics.19:35
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mithroFYI -
tpbTitle: Xilinx UG901 test. Divide to separate tests for each case. by SergeyDegtyar · Pull Request #71 · YosysHQ/yosys-tests · GitHub (at
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mithroOpps wrong channel21:35
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