Tuesday, 2019-09-17

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mithroxobs: From https://github.com/m-labs/nmigen/issues/20705:15
tpbTitle: First-class enumerated signals · Issue #207 · m-labs/nmigen · GitHub (at github.com)05:15
xobsmithro: that image is fantastic. And a huge selling point.05:19
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MadHacker'tis neat.07:18
MadHackerReading up, on the subject of flashrom, fomu is basically two separate programmer types. One to dump code straight into the FPGA, one to flash the EEPROM.07:18
MadHackerImplemented as two types is probably nice and simple.07:19
MadHackerxobs: On the subject of crowdsupply having stock - although I have two fomu and a fomu EVT3 here, they still haven't shipped one more fomu that's due. I don't know if they don't have stock or are just slow shipping it out, but there's definitely not all the orders been fulfilled.07:20
xobsMadHacker: Thanks for the data point.07:20
xobsIncidentally, I still haven't gotten mine shipped from them, either.07:21
MadHackerHeh, did you have to order your own product from them? :)07:21
MadHackerOr just a test?07:22
xobsJust as a test.07:22
MadHackerWondered if it was like author's copies of a book - you have to get one from the publishers to check (required by them), as a minimum usually.07:23
xobsNot at all.  Just want to see how it works.07:24
MadHackerPleasant to deal with when you need to chase 'em, but not particularly quick otherwise, in my experience.07:39
MadHackerProjects that have gone awry haven't been great, but I can't blame them for the manufacturer's problems.07:39
MadHacker(I ordered the ELLO computer, and it's never turned up - Konstantin ran out of cash apparently)07:41
xobsAww :(07:41
xobsAlways sad when that happens.07:41
MadHackerI understand, but I find it frustrating that he's apparently busy posting about the next variant of ELLO and how it'll be great when he hasn't delivered on the previous ones.07:41
MadHackerNot saying I don't understand, but it's nonetheless not a pleasant experience.07:42
MadHackerAnyway, Fomu's been OK, ish. The first batch of boards turned up alright but needed a chase to get a sensible dispatch estimate; the EVT board turned up on schedule; the 3rd PVT board has slipped badly on the estimates and is now estimated Sep 23rd.07:44
MadHackerThe only problems are around the estimates not the delivery date, TBH.07:45
MadHackerI wonder if they just have one estimate per product class, and therefore when something has back-orders greater than the next production batch, they can't show that you're not going to get it from that batch?07:47
MadHackerThat'd make sense.07:47
xobsI thought most of them had shipped.  The factory had to split the shipment due to very bad yield on the PCBs.07:48
MadHackerY'know, 75 orders, 50 in each delivery from manufacture, have to mark everyone's as due from delivery 1 even through 25 will get from delivery 2.07:48
MadHackerWell, we know of at least two that haven't - yours and mine.07:48
MadHackerBad yield just because of the blind vias and suchlike?07:49
xobsI haven't been able to get an honest answer out of them.  I do know one batch they had to throw out because apparently they forgot to clean the gold bath.07:50
MadHackerWow. That's not great.07:50
ovfmy order is now also estimated for 23rd of sep10:19
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