Tuesday, 2019-08-27

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fekleeAny FOMUers still in Berlin after Camp? Would like to try the device. (didn't manage to get the toolchain running on Android / Termux, but now I'm back at my PC)11:17
ssbreceived my fomus, much thanks! <3   (also ended up not paying any extra customs fees -- it was just a misleading message from UPS)12:59
MadHackerI was pleasantly surprised on that front myself.13:01
MadHackerMine were shipped via mouser somehow.13:01
MadHackerDon't know what the relationship between crowd supply and mouser is, but I'm not complaining. :)13:01
ssbgiven that export control form message had @crowdsupply.com in one place and @mouser.com in another, I'd guess those relationships are pretty tight. )13:05
MadHackerDidn't know, but there you go.13:07
tntIt's pretty nice because now that crowdsupply handles logistics, I never have anything to pay on delivery.13:17
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xobsOkay, so I just fixed the `fomu-workshop` litex build.  Turns out clock skew is kinda a bummer.  It should work now.21:39
xobsAlso, debugging over USB is super cool.21:40
yorickdoes foboot have this issue too?21:40
xobsyorick: no, foboot has its own clock resource generator that doesn't have the issue.  The solution was to give the workshop "litex" project its own clock resource generator.21:41
yorickfoboot isn't enumerating all the time, but still most of the time21:41
xobsyorick: that's somewhat concerning. what version, and what hardware?21:42
yorick1.8.8 on the hacker hardware from cccamp21:42
tpbTitle: gist:3ffdfdf4bc167bdee18bd5d7b561ed54 · GitHub (at gist.github.com)21:43
xobsThat *might* be the `SET_ADDRESS` issue we were seeing.  Which was fixed in 1.9.  Which I'll spend time today fixing the updater for.21:44
yorickit doesn't start blinking, either21:44
yorickyeah, it seems that wishbone is broken in the blink thing now21:45
xobsNo blinking?  That's also interesting.  I wonder if that isn't an assembly issue with the power regulators, since the blink is a hardware block.21:45
xobsyorick: which blink thing?21:46
xobsCan you try pulling again?21:46
yorickERROR [wishbone_tool::usb_bridge] unable to open usb device: Access21:47
yorick(now it froze again)21:47
MadHackerI can give you a binary for a totally unrelated-to-anyone-elses-code blinky thing, if you want to check the h/w?21:48
MadHackerWell, almost totally. I'm assuming xobs' pinouts are right. :D21:48
yorickI have one21:48
yorickalso doesn't work anymore :|21:49
tpbTitle: gist:3052877c8d25e387ecd211c897921503 · GitHub (at gist.github.com)21:51
yoricksorry for having weird usb problems21:51
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xobsSuper interesting.  This is with the riscv-blink program?21:53
yorickI do make && dfu-util -D riscv.blink.bin21:53
yorickalso, it worked earlier21:53
yorickI can do usbmon logs if you want21:54
yorickthe riscv-blink thing does actually blink21:54
yorickalso, workshop.py now works reliably :)21:55
xobsThat's okay, I should've guessed it wouldn't be so easy to drop in a USB stack.21:59
JoelSThis is probably too corner case to bother with, but I tried working with my Fomu from a VirtualBox running Linux (from a Windows host OS). It works fine uploading the bitstream (in this case the micropython one), but loses track of the USB device following that. I suspect the change in device ID confuses things. It worked fine when working purely22:02
JoelSfrom Windows, so I'll just have to go back to that.22:02
xobsJoelS: That's definitely something we need to support.  Right now `valentyusb` doesn't recognize USB resets, but it needs to.22:02
JoelSSure, thanks.22:04
JoelSAlso, are the exposed pins supposed to respond to touch on the PVT? I had to bridge the pins with a piece of metal to get the verilog-blink example to change colors.22:09
yorickJoelS: there's no capacitive touch thing implemented yet22:09
yorickI think there are things on the internet to do this, but it might require an external pullup resistor on them22:09
JoelSOne more question, the micropython-fomu.dfu file, which repository is that built from?22:18
xobsJoelS: it comes from https://github.com/xobs/micropython/ (for now)22:19
tpbTitle: GitHub - xobs/micropython: The Micro Python project (at github.com)22:19
xobsThere, that ought to fix the riscv-blink.  Mostly.23:39

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