Thursday, 2019-08-22

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renatorabelohi guys. Does "SPRAM" means Single Port RAM ?01:39
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renatorabeloOk. I found from the workshop github: "The ICE40UP5K is unusual in that it also as 128 kilobytes of Single Ported RAM that can be used as memory for a softcore."01:56
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tntxobs: nope05:49
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xobsmithro: slept in, sorry!09:52
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TomKeddiemithro: sorry for the icebreaker distraction, seems I have a faulty (homebuilt) board.13:22
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renatorabelohi guys. it would be great if the devs from icestudio could add the fomu board from the options14:58
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StormwindAre there FOMU's to buy on site?15:02
renatorabeloI already create an issue (feature request) on icestudio github.15:04
tntStormwind: there are fomu to get for free on-site.15:06
tntStormwind: mitrho is giving some hacker board away. And I also have some to distribute.15:07
StormwindNice! Where do I sign up? ^15:10
tntFor mithro, go to the hardware hacking area, near the belgian ambassy.15:12
tntFor me, I'm at the singularity city hack tent.15:12
mithrotnt: did you get your USB stack running in the Fomu?15:13
mithroCocotb helper!15:15
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yorickso if I run the blink example and then talk to it with wishbone-tool, wishbone-tool ends up defunct and lsusb stops working until I replug the fomu15:20
yorickknown issue?15:20
yorick(it works with the micropython and the usb-cdcacm)15:20
yorickxobs: I think you might be the only one who knows15:21
xobsyorick: I need to pull in a full USB stack into the blink example.15:31
yorickalso, is it supposed to only blink red?15:32
yorickhmm no, it doesn't do that with the real toolchain15:38
yorick(but it still doesn't do wishbone)15:38
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mithroyorick: which blink?16:06
yorickmithro: from the fomu-workshop16:07
yorickbut I blame my self-compiled toolchain16:07
mithroyorick: the RISC-V blink?16:07
yorickthe ones from other people do actually blink different colors16:08
yorickso I'm compiling riscv32-none-elf-gcc8.3 now16:08
mithroyorick: I wonder if that is your problem...16:09
yorickoh yeah, looks like it16:09
mithroyorick: make sure you compile with multilib support16:09
yorickmithro: I ran into that and just switched to riscv3216:09
yorickmithro: yeah, so no im16:11
yorickis it rv32i?16:12
mithroyorick: I think @xobs is learning why I ship the tools inside LiteX-BuildEnv and refuse to support using stuff outside that :-)16:15
yorickmithro: I don't have /usr/lib, so I have to run the toolchain in a chroot env now, which is really annoying16:20
yorickmithro: also I'd like to build arbitrary nix packages :D16:21
mithroDid you see heavyx?16:25
tpbTitle: M-Labs/HeavyX: Next-generation FPGA SoC toolkit - HeavyX - M-Labs Git (at
yorickno, that's nice16:26
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yorickthey use the static compiler as well16:27
tpbTitle: GitHub - litex-hub/litex-conda: Conda build recipes for the toolchains needed by LiteX / MiSoC firmware (at
mithroAlso crosstool-ng is another good option...16:28
yorickooh, it works without the extensions16:33
yorickthis is what happens when I try to flash output:
tpbTitle: gist:c1500a88f424861d7a69a98177648b3c · GitHub (at
yorick(with the official toolchain). more usb weirdness for my system?17:12
xobsyorick: that looks like the SET_ADDRESS fix isn't working properly...17:13
yorickcdcacm works well, just not my own litex builds17:13
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xobsyorick: So I justn oticed that I wasn't properly generating USB string descriptors.  Can you try updating valentyusb?  Just cd into "deps/valentyusb", run "git checkout master; git pull origin master"17:30
tpbTitle: dummyusb: fix length field of strings · im-tomu/[email protected] · GitHub (at
xobsTurns out I was forgetting to include the first two bytes of the string in the length calculation.17:30
xobsI don't know if that's causing compatibility issues, but it's concievable that's the source of some of the issues.17:33
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ssbyay, two hours after message from customs that package has arrived and awaiting metric crapton of paperwork I got email from crowsupply that my fomus have been shipped <318:09
tntmmm, the fomu hackerboard flash doesn't support the unique id command of the flash, that's unfortunate.18:47
yorickxobs: didn't fix the litex thing18:48
yorick"config index 0 descriptor too short (expected 18, got 0)" is the first error18:50
xobsyorick: was it getting that error before?19:17
ssbmeh, additional 20$ for customs.  The stuff is getting expensive, I should have ordered a Ten-pack. )19:27
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yorickxobs: it was "config index 0 descriptor too short (expected 9, got 0)" before20:10
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