Sunday, 2019-08-18

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xobstnt: aww09:13
xobsit's a software problem :P09:13
xobsovf: there, now I'm just bundling all of Python.09:13
ovfxobs: :-(09:14
xobsIt's not that bad.  Only a few hundred kb.09:14
tntxobs: hehe. Yeah, the issue it to know which hw is mounted on the board when you mixed and matched :p09:25
xobsovf: New release is at
tpbTitle: Releases · im-tomu/fomu-toolchain · GitHub (at
xobsThis is what I'm going to hand out at CCC.10:19
xobsThe only thing missing on Linux and Mac, really, is "make".10:19
xobsAnd maybe "git".  But that's largely optional.10:19
ovfxobs: bin/nextpnr-ice40 is... not there in the linux tarball?10:20
xobsI wonder where it went...10:21
xobsAlso, the python version in there is broken.  Still have more work to do.10:21
ovfxobs: i'd like to apologise on behalf of the software industry for making this stupid stuff so difficult.10:36
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ovfxobs: with r7, starting in the (very minimal) ubuntu docker image, adding make and git, i can successfully build foboot's hw & sw.13:25
ovfso unless i'm mistaken the whole of foboot ends up being ~10K verilog loc? (top.v+VexRiscv.v)13:35
xobsovf: that's good news! thanks for checking on it.13:35
xobsI could remove the dependency on git, especially after the grief that MadHacker experienced.13:36
xobsI might try adding "make" to the base image on Linux.13:36
xobsI believe we also pull in spidev.v for the XIP SPI stuff, though mithro is encouraging me to switch to the XIP SPI driver that's in litex.13:37
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ovfi don't think you should bother with either. fomu-toolchain's linux system requirements include internet access, and any linux system with that can get make and git. the reason you're bundling python is because nextpnr-ice40 has to depend on a specific version of it, not because python is unavailable on a linux system. there are no (hard) version requirements for either git or make.13:54
ovfnow if you wanted to provide a self-contained offline build environment (including sources) that would be a different story, but you probably won't strictly need git in that case (lxbuildenv's peculiarities aside)13:56
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