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xobsMadHacker: sorry, I should add a check for "git" to lxbuildenv.01:09
xobsIt largely does two things: (1) set up PYTHONPATH, and (2) ensure you have everything checked out.01:09
xobsovf: Two issues: (1) python/lib/libpython3.7m.a doesn't exist on OS X (it's not in, and (2) I'm not sure how to pass that information to cmake.01:10
xobsI might be able to solve (1) by manually compiling both it and libboost, and (2) by passing the .a file as an additional argument in cmake.  My current issue is that builds take ~40 minutes because my only current mac is TravisCI.01:11
ovfxobs: for (1), it doesn't exist on my system either, that's why the script downloads it from anaconda (and mentions the second option of building it, e.g. with pyenv which worked for me)01:12
ovfi checked that anaconda' macos distribution also comes with the library01:13
xobsOh, sorry.  This is why I shouldn't do this so early in the morning.  That ought to work, thanks!  Let me give that a try.  Do you know what version of macos it's built for?01:13
xobsFor example, I was building the wishbone-tool with the latest version of macos, so it would only run on the latest version, whereas if you build it with an earlier version you get better compatibility.01:14
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whatnickmithro: Any luck with VexRiscv on TinyFPGA ?01:16
whatnickPlease also link to a Fomu VexRiscv how-to01:16
ovfxobs: sorry, no hard facts but they hint at 10.10+ here:
tpbTitle: Installation Anaconda 2.0 documentation (at
ovfxobs: for (2), i'm useless at cmake, but if somehow ends up calling FindPython, these might help:
tpbTitle: FindPythonInterp CMake 3.15.2 Documentation (at
xobsovf: thanks, that's very very useful information.  That should be enough to go on, and hopefully I have enough time Monday and Tuesday with the Mac in the office to do some tests.01:27
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ovfxobs: ok, from a brief test ( it looks like cmake is happy enough with just passing it -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=path/to/anacondas/python/bin/python01:32
ovfmac is a huge pain, both because of the version incompatibilities and effectively dropping support for gcc. i actively avoid being anywhere near a mac at work lest i become responsible for producing builds.01:37
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whatnickxobs: I have used CMake a lot, can I help ? Issues with Conda python ?01:39
whatnickUsually it looks for the "python" executable and then infers stuff01:39
whatnickso you make need to activate conda before running cmake ...01:39
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ovfxobs: i can build nextpnr statically linked to python (and boost, for good measure, also downloaded off anaconda, libboost+py-boost) with this: cmake -DARCH=generic -DBOOST_ROOT=/tmp/boost -DBoost_USE_STATIC_LIBS=ON -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/tmp/python/bin/python -DPYTHON_LIBRARY=/tmp/python/lib/libpython3.7m.a -DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS='-fno-lto -ldl -lutil' ..02:25
ovfthe last bit is a bit unfortunate. yet after i also copy lib/python3.7 over to build dir, i seem to be able to do nextpnr-generic --run script.py02:27
xobsovf: thank you so much for the direction to look into -- grabbing packages from anaconda is so much faster and more reliable than homebrew.  Builds start in just a few minutes now, rather than after 20 minutes.05:39
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xobsovf: thanks again -- this also answers the question of what to tell Mac users where to find Python.  I can just bundle the conda version with it.11:22
xobsIt's also much, much faster to build with the anaconda packages than homebrew11:23
xobsOkay, I finally ought to have everything you'd ever need bundled up at
tpbTitle: Release v0.0-rc4: travis: try new token · im-tomu/fomu-toolchain · GitHub (at
xobsWell, I should probably add in "make" on macos.  And I don't bundle Python on Linux since I assume you have both it and "make".  Or a terminal emulator for Linux or Mac.15:27
auscompgeekI think a terminal emulator is a safe assumption across the board, given there's usually one built-in15:35
ovfxobs: cool! anaconda is useful because depending on how much you want to invest into it, it could provide a complete build environment (including the compiler etc.) that would behave mostly similarly on all platforms.15:36
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auscompgeekI've found that conda is the only thing that has given me a reasonable build env on Windows with OpenCV without a large amount of effort15:38
auscompgeekComputer vision on Windows is super not fun, I gotta say.15:39
xobsIt does seem promising.  Though for nextpnr I could only get it to work when using MSVC and not staticly linking or building debug.15:45
ovfxobs: as you're linking against python3.5 on linux, i don't think your build is going to work e.g. in ubuntu 18.04?15:48
ovf(this is not a prompt for you to waste even more time statically linking python)15:49
ovfpython's insistence on minor version abi incompatibility is a bit bothersome. i think we support any 3.5+ from a single build (and that's just because 3.4 is missing some minor convenience function i didn't feel like writing a line of code to replace), though we have to load libpython by hand15:52
xobsWell, let's find out.  Let me start Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in WSL and see what happens.15:53
xobsHmm... Yes, it looks like BUILD_STATIC=ON doesn't cause nextpnr-ice40 to do a static build.15:57
ovfwhat did you expect to have been statically linked into nextpnr?15:59
ovffrankly, don't worry about linux. it's much easier to build for oneself there. i'd rather nudge the relevant people to do point releases for nextpnr and friends, then they'll get packaged for all the distros.16:07
xobsHmm... Somehow DSTATIC_BUILD=ON wasn't added.  Though "-static-libpython3.5m" is added.  Hmm...16:11
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xobsI can manually construct a gcc command to produce something that works... except it needs a Python site-modules distribution, which is actually what we do for the other platforms already.17:24
xobsWell, I think this is a problem for tomorrow.17:26
tntxobs: btw the led alternative pn in the repo is not 100% pin compatible.17:48
tntcolors are not in the same spot :p17:48
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shaprmithro: howdy!19:16
mithroshapr: hi, not really around at the moment but plenty of other people might be19:18
tntmithro: btw, any usefulness in me bringing the fomu hacker board sheet at camp ?  or maybe a flashing fixture ? (If you have one, I won't bother but ...)19:18
mithroBoth would be good19:18
shaprmithro: thanks for making cool stuff!19:19
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