Friday, 2019-08-16

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xobsPeople are getting them, yay!  I didn't know they were shipping them already.  I just know I sent a big box to the US.00:34
xobsAs many of you in this channel know, I'm working on packaging up all the required tools.01:08
xobsThe synthesizer/hardware tools are at and the pnr is at
tpbTitle: Release v1.15-fomu: travis: only build when tags: true · xobs/toolchain-icestorm · GitHub (at
xobsThose are just intermediate repos -- I'll have a third repo in im-fomu that packages those up, plus a risc-v toolchain and (on Windows) Python too.01:10
polloxobs: I'm in Canada , so it even crossed the border01:47
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futarisIRCcloud“USBSamurai — A Remotely Controlled Malicious USB HID Injecting Cable for less than 10$” by Luca Bongiorni
MadHackerWhee, so my first fomu order arrived.08:21
MadHackerOddly came via mouser, which is interesting. :)08:21
xobsMadHacker: whee!08:21
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MadHackerToys. :)08:21
MadHackerOK, so plugging that in locked up my USB controller entirely.08:25
MadHacker(which was a bit awkward because my keyboard is on that same controller!)08:25
xobsMadHacker: :(08:25
MadHackerAlso, crowdsupply have put their stickers on top of the label with the "find out more at"... on the bag.08:26
MadHacker'tis a shame because the fomu sticker is much prettier than the CS-FOMU-01 QTY: 1 sticker. :)08:26
MadHackerRight, onto getting this working. So, it shows up as "Fomu DFU Bootloader v 1.8.7" OK, but windows is giving it "This device cannot start (Code 10)".08:28
MadHackerAbout to have a rummage through the various quick start bits and see if I can get it going sans jig.08:29
MadHackerNope. Unfortunately it completely locks up the bus on whatever I plug it into most of the time. This is on a generic HP desktop. I have two fomus here; both do the same. :(08:37
MadHackerOccasionally it does indentify.08:37
xobsMadHacker: Great :(08:38
MadHackeridentify even.08:38
MadHackerSorry xobs.08:38
xobsThis is on a Mac?08:38
MadHackerThis is on a generic HP desktop.08:38
MadHackerMy work windows machine.08:38
MadHackerIntel everything, no hubs involved.08:39
xobsSo I've seen at least one case where a board only shows up when toggling the C_RESET pin once after everything is powered up.08:39
xobsThat will show up about 5% of the time when rapidly inserting and removing it.08:39
MadHackerI'll give them a go on my mac, and see if I can find someone else's machine to try as well, just try and scope out the problem.08:40
MadHackerWe can hope it's only slightly older machines like this that care. (This is pre-USB3 and being plugged into USB2 ports; i5-3470 machine)08:40
MadHackerOK. It's fine on my macbook.08:43
xobsThat's promising.08:44
MadHackerYeah, absolutely fine on this. Perfectly reliable.08:44
MadHackerWorks OK on the mac on a hub, too. Two of them even.08:46
xobsThanks for checking.  I wonder what the problem could be.  Maybe the response timing is off?08:46
MadHackerOK. Experiment #2, plug in fomu, plug in mouse to 2nd port on same bus on my desktop - the mouse gets "the last device plugged in has not been recognised" but the fomu itself didn't present anything at all.08:47
MadHackerWorks fine as soon as you pull fomu out.08:48
xobsThat probably means Fomu is getting confused seeing EOP and is stuck transmitting.08:48
MadHackerThat's my general impression, yep. It's basically drowning out anything else on the bus.08:49
MadHackerDon't have a hub handy for this PC, but I'll see if I can find one and give that a try. Might fix the issue somewhat given the little bit of isolation the hub provides.08:50
xobsThat's a very good point.08:52
xobsI should find a USB 1.1 hub without TTs.08:52
xobsThat could actually be the issue.08:52
xobsBugger.  I think I know the issue.08:54
xobsI think it's ignoring the "Address" field.  Which isn't an issue if your hub has a TT.08:54
MadHackerThis is going straight into a non-hubbed port.08:58
MadHacker(Well, root hub or whatever)08:58
xobsNo onboard hub?09:02
MadHackerNo; it's one of those very cheap machines where the only USB ports are straight from the chipset.09:04
MadHackerOr at least I think it is...09:06
MadHackerOK, life is strange. No. There's an integrated hub providing an SD card reader slot.09:07
MadHackerxobs: FWIW if it's the only device on the bus it enumerates fine.09:14
MadHackerSo at least in terms of telling people how to get started, "try it with nothing else plugged in to that hub" is not usually particularly burdensome.09:15
MadHackerAnd dfu-util is happy like that, too.09:17
tntbtw, this behavior of other device not recognized when I had an experimental core plugged in was when I was not properly filtering packets based on assigned address. (i.e. not checking ADDR field is what I got in SET_ADDRESS).10:12
tnt(oh I should have continued reading :p  but yeah, that's exactly the same conclusion you came to)10:14
xobstnt: Nice to have it corroborated.10:15
xobsFortunately I have a software updater created that should work.10:16
xobsI wish I'd caught the issue sooner, though.10:16
xobsI found a Mac!  And I've determined that Apple isn't very good with forwards-compatibility.  It's running OS X 10.11, and nothing I'm building actually runs on it.10:30
MadHackerI'm pretty sure XCode has various options to change what platform release you're targetting.10:47
MadHackerThere's presumably a matching option for the CLI.10:47
MadHackerOr just export MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.6 or whatever.10:48
xobsMadHacker: oh! That's good to know! I wonder if I should do that for my Rust project.10:52
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xobsMadHacker: Could I get you to download and test to see if you can get it to talk to Fomu?13:02
tpbTitle: Release v0.2.8-test3: travis: rust looks like it needs 10.7 at a minimum · xobs/wishbone-utils · GitHub (at
xobsIt should be linked without libusb, but I had trouble running it on the 10.11 machine I was using.13:02
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MadHackerxobs: Will do.14:07
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MadHackerIt broadly seems to work.14:12
MadHackerI mean, I can make it crash by using --list, but it's somewhat together and doing its thing.14:12
xobsMadHacker: crash? how so?14:13
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at
MadHackerStray tar command at the bottom, sorry about that, mispaste. Nonetheless the rest is right.14:13
xobsThanks, that's promising!14:23
xobsNow I know I can build that, I can work on dfu-util and then nextpnr-ice40.14:24
xobsPython will be the challenge to statically-link14:24
MadHackerThere's various build-an-exe tools for python.14:24
MadHackerIt's not actually that bad usually.14:24
MadHackerpyinstaller comes to mind.14:25
MadHackercxfreeze is the other similar thing.14:26
xobsMadHacker: those will provide a libpython3.7.a?14:28
MadHackerBelieve they will take care of it "somehow", where somehow is platform-dependent.14:31
xobsThe thing I'm trying to do is embed it into nextpnr-ice40.  The version I'm shipping assumes it's installed in /usr/local/opt/Python/ which is where homebrew puts it.14:34
ovfinterestingly they make a special provision for windows:
tpbTitle: 3. Using Python on Windows Python 3.7.4 documentation (at
MadHacker-DBUILD_PYTHON=OFF ?14:44
xobsWe need Python in order to support multiple clock domains.14:44
MadHackerOr are you using nextpnr's python bits specifically?14:44
MadHackerOK. I managed to get the examples stuff for foboot working on windows no fuss. lxbuildenv can die in a fire at this point, though. Depends on git silently (just gives a file not found error) is not cool, but it then sulks if your copy of foboot isn't an actual git checkout etc.17:23
MadHackerWas pip so *very* difficult to deal with?17:23
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* MadHacker grumbles.17:30
MadHackerI have to say that the usb-cdcacm demo worked well, and ditto the blinky, tho.17:30
ovfxobs: i think you can pretty easily have python local to your application. i've tested with neither macos or nextpnr (sorry), but it should be similar to my test here: . does this help at all? it defaults to trying to load python stuff from next to the binary17:48
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