Thursday, 2019-08-15

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mithroxobs: did you see
tpbTitle: iceprog: Better reset of flash by smunaut · Pull Request #230 · cliffordwolf/icestorm · GitHub (at
mithroMaybe Fomu flash should so something like that too?16:04
xobsmithro: I used to do something like that, in particular I'd blindly set "QPI" mode and then sent it back, but sometimes that was causing the flash to get locked, so I took it out..16:06
xobsThat's a good idea, though!  I didn't know that would work.16:07
xobsI guess "0xff" is frequently the "stop QPI" command.16:07
mithroAsk tnt16:11
tntYeah, if you're in QPI mode, 0xff should be interpreted as exit QPI and the extra clock cycles shouldn't matter. If you're not in QPI mode, then if you were in CRM this will get interpreted as an address and then a mode command to exit CRM. Ad if you were not in CRM mode either it should just be nothing.16:15
xobstnt: great! that sounds like a really, really good thing to add.16:16
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pollo"Your Crowd Supply order (XYZ) has shipped!"19:22
pollobuahaha, either Crowdsource is bad with emails, or UPS is really good20:38
polloI got that email from Crowsource a few hours a ago and UPS just delivered my fomus20:38
tntyeah, crowdsupply is a bit slow with emails :p20:38
tntI think it take some time for them to get the data from mouser logistics and by that time the package is already 1-2 days in.20:39
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