Wednesday, 2019-08-14

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xobsmithro: I'm starting from the fpgawars base, which builds static binaries. esden's summon-fpga-tools looks like it may have a similar heritage.00:08
xobsI have Linux and Darwin building already from the Teardown workshop.  Now I'm trying to add in dfu-utils (which was a problem at the workshop) and build for Windows (mingw), which esden's tools don't do.00:09
mithroI don't do Mac / windows00:09
esdenNo my script is from scratch. And it builds all the master branches. Fpgawars seems to rely on releases which is problematic and often out of date.00:10
xobsesden: I'm building from source, too.  I just had to disable gzip support because I didn't have libz available on cross-compiled builds.00:11
xobsPython is proving to be the most difficult bit to set up.00:11
esdenIt is definitely working well on Linux and Mac.00:11
esdenwindows is “fun” ;)00:12
xobsI'm trying to decide on the correct approach.  I could set up an AppVeyor install to build it like I do on my machine.  Or I could just ship the version I build on my machine, which is what I'm doing now.00:16
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futarisIRCcloudSo the O.MG Cable looks like a womu with some nasty HID payloads in an apple lightning cable.09:13
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tpbTitle: USBNinja | Crowd Supply (at
futarisIRCcloudfemu looks cool. Isn't he based slightly north of San Francisco?23:13
ovfmithro: great!23:22

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