Sunday, 2019-08-04

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xobsPriority 1 is still USB.05:37
mithroxobs: Yeap06:27
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MadHackerHuh. Crowdsupply are doing something odd. Suddenly my EVT board order is due to ship on Feb 28th.07:37
MadHackerIt was August 2nd.07:38
MadHackerSimilarly, my fomu order is now September 12th not August 2nd.07:38
MadHacker(and no communication from them to indicate a change)07:38
xobsI haven't heard anything, either. Better email them.08:27
MadHackerDropped them a message. We'll see!08:33
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tntDoes anyone know a good bare metal riscv toolchain ?  I've been using the one from  but it's actually kind of targeted at linux.23:19
tpbTitle: The RISC-V Embedded GCC (at
tntIdeally what I'd want is to have only the 'common' / non-system dependent functions like strlen / strcmp / memcpy / atoi / ... and none of the stuff that is system dependent like malloc / printf / ...23:20
xobstnt I usually use the one from
tntxobs: it has the same issues.  If I use -nostdlib I don't get any functions including the one that are not system based (like strlen) and if I don't put it, then I get everthing.23:26

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