Saturday, 2019-08-03

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mithroxobs: I think that it should be possible to get to around ~30MHz21:20
tntmithro: the Vex ? that's a bit optimistic IIRC the tests I made.21:35
tntI don't even think I got it at 24M.21:37
mithroWhat tests did you do?21:38
tntI was comparing picrorv32 and vex and tried to make the simplest config to see how they'd compare. And in the end, even though the vex was taking less cycles per instruction, it also didn't go as high in fmax so they ended up being the same speed.21:39
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mithroI was talking to Charles and he seem to indicate there was some optimizations he could do which would help with the ice40 specifically22:46
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