Thursday, 2019-07-25

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tntAdd one floating point function, see your .code size double :p06:07
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xobstnt: very true, though depending on how exact you need, qfplib on Cortex-M0 can be nice:
tpbTitle: Qfplib: an ARM Cortex-M0 floating-point library in 1 kbyte (at
tntThis was on risc-v06:12
xobsAh.  Can't help you there yet.06:13
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acathlaAnybody tried to make an ADC on an iCE40 using the diffential inputs?16:04
tntacathla: yeah.16:04
tnt(I'm actually writing some code related to that right now :p)16:05
acathlain verilog/migen/...?16:06
tntIt's in verilog.16:07
tntActually I have that part already written, I'm just writing software code that deals with calibrating the output atm.16:07
tntCurrently I'm really just timing a capacitor charge / discharge (sort of dual slope). But actually I could try a delta sigma DAC using the same hw.16:09
acathlaIs that code open? Online?16:10
tntNot yet no. I don't push stuff publically until it actually works / does something useful.16:15
xobstnt: I'd be interested in reading more about that. I have a silly idea to recreate a Chibitronics Love-to-Code with an ICE40 instead of a Cortex M0.16:16
MadHackerYou know there's an open source arduino core, too?16:16
MadHacker(Atmel thingy of some sort)16:17
MadHackerI've got a 6502 running on an iCE40HX1K here just now too. :)16:17
tntxobs: I'm not super familiar with it. IIRC that was why you wrote graiinum right ?  I'm not sure to see the connection to ADC.16:18
MadHackerCalling it via migen because I thought it might be entertaining to try and get Litex running with smaller CPU cores.16:18
MadHackertnt: The LtC needs ADCs.16:18
MadHackerNot least for the programming-over-audio input.16:18
tntMadHacker: oh, right, I forgot about that feature.16:19
MadHackerYou could convert it to a zero-crossing-detection only I suppose.16:19
MadHackerBe slow, though.16:20
xobsIt does AFSK @ ~12000 baud.16:25
xobsRight now it's done in software on a 48 MHz Cortex M0+, and the demodulation alone uses ~50% of the CPU.16:31
xobsI think it would be interesting to make the audio decode stuff in hardware.  Then we could actually add ECC, for example.16:31
MadHackerMight eat a surprising amount of space in the FPGA though.16:32
MadHackerSoftware is compact.16:32
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