Wednesday, 2019-07-24

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futarisIRCcloudFriendly reminder. CFP close soon, on 28 July.08:55
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MadHackerovf: Best I've been able to work out for that is just a USB-C connector at right-angles to the PCB unfortunately. I don't think there's meaningful space for a PCB inside a USB-C, even on thin flex PCB.13:31
MadHacker(not least because there's no area outside the pads that's still "in" the connector)13:31
MadHackerOh, also, the springy bits on USB-C are on the plug not the socket, so you'd have to add spring contacts to that tiny PCB even if you could otherwise make it work.13:32
MadHackerSo outside the connector seems best. Flat on the end of it.13:32
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