Wednesday, 2019-07-10

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mithroxobs: Did the litex spi stuff reduce resource usage at all?00:03
xobsmithro: seems to have reduced about 100 LCs.00:11
mithrohrm, that is less than I would have expected00:11
xobsI still need to get writes working, as well as getting quad writes working.00:11
mithroxobs: Are you actually already working on foboot 2.0?00:12
xobsWell, 1.0 will be considered "done" in about an hour when I update the tester.00:13
xobsIt's the minimum viable bootloader. Foboot 2.0 should include higher performance quad spi writing, as well as an improved multi-ep USB stack.00:14
mithroWhat is the 1.0 gateware up to in resource usage?00:15
xobsAbout 510000:16
xobsIt goes down to about 5010 with the change in spi flash.00:16
xobs5057 with SpiFlash(), 5183 with picorvspi.00:28
mithroice40_up5k_b_evn with lm32.lite seems to be      ~SB_LUT4   311400:38
mithroI really should switch those builds over to vexriscv...00:39
xobsIf I strip out the debug bridge it goes down to ~4100.  Having 4x hardware watchpoints + a wishbone master uses up a lot of LCs currently.00:40
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TomKeddiemithro: any suggestions on how to get migen to emit binary?  Am seeing "ERROR: expected configuration string starting with '0b' for parameter 'RGB0_CURRENT' on cell 'SB_RGBA_DRV'" because my binary was evaluate to a decimal constant (.RGB0_CURRENT(2'd3).  Thanks.02:58
TomKeddiemoved discussion to
tpbTitle: gateware/ice40: add mux stage and direct register drive to LED block by TomKeddie · Pull Request #167 · timvideos/litex-buildenv · GitHub (at
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mithroAnother sucker!
mithroxobs - I think we can get the base  SoC down to ~300005:56
mithroMight see a Wireless Tomu (Womu?) based on an ESP32S by Femto....06:04
xobsmithro: that would be really nice!06:57
xobsThough what we need more now is a better replacement for epfifo.06:57
* xobs uploaded an image: IMG_20190710_143208.jpg (72KB) < >06:58
xobsAlso, a sad collection of Fomus that didn't make it through the separation process...06:58
xobs(still trying to figure out why, exactly...)06:58
futarisIRCcloudHoley Fomu Batman!07:03
xobsBut 600 pieces seem to have made it so far. So yay!07:40
tntxobs: failure looks oddly similar.07:41
tntAlmost like the routing bit just went thgouth them07:41
xobstnt: the explanation I got was that the board was too thin and they went flying. Probably need to create a coverlay for the separation process. They already have a custom routing jig07:42
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tpbTitle: Renode, Fomu and EtherBone bridge example Renode - documentation (at
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mithroI just found again...17:36
tpbTitle: タリ (at
tpbTitle: Fomu: a beginners guide · タリ (at
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ghanashyamprabhuReceived a fomu board today! I was thinking of trying creating a USB to SPI, UART, I2C peripheral on the fomu. Any other ideas for getting started with fomu hacking?18:41
ghanashyamprabhuThe board I received is a hacker edition and doesn't have a bootloader too so I might actually encounter more hacking fun anyway :)18:42
tpbTitle: Fomu: a beginners guide · タリ (at
mithroghanashyamprabhu: Some info at too...18:52
tpbTitle: Fomu: An FPGA in your USB Port (at
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ghanashyamprabhugreat! thanks for the links!18:55
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tntslides are a bit sparse, I guess without the live explanation :p19:03
mithrotnt: Yeah19:03
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