Tuesday, 2019-06-25

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ovfmithro: more like in the same way whatever application is technically written in shell when distributed in a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shar02:12
tpbTitle: shar - Wikipedia (at en.wikipedia.org)02:12
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futarisIRCcloudhttps://youtu.be/0mTw9iHcj3Q?t=15777 - Kate Temkin's USB talk from Teardown 2019.03:20
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tntIs there some 3d printed case for fomu ?07:30
xobsWhat an interesting article on python and rust.07:33
xobstnt: no case that I'm aware of. There's the prototypes of the official case, if you have a Form printer.07:34
tpbTitle: fomu-hardware/hardware/case at pvt · im-tomu/fomu-hardware · GitHub (at github.com)07:34
tntxobs: nope, just have access to a basic fdm one at a local fablab.07:35
xobsYou might be able to chop off the sides?07:37
xobsThe guide rails are pretty skinny, which is why they don't work on fdm. You may be able to get away with removing them.07:39
tntyeah, that might work.07:42
tntOk, tried to simplify it a bit and make it possibly easier to print : https://i.imgur.com/zPnsn1l.png08:43
tntwe'll see how that works out.08:43
tntSo the hacker board is DVT right ?09:11
tnthuh no ...09:38
tntarf, I'm looking for the kicad files for the hacker version ?09:38
tntand I don't understand how fomu-hardware is organized ...09:38
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MadHacke1Whee, rpi 4 just arrived. Toys.11:31
MadHacke1(sorry, off topic, but toys!)11:31
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MadHackerThey've left the edges less clean than the previous models. Bit of a rough snap of the V-grooves IMHO.11:32
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BadumI was wondering... Is the gnuk-for-tomu project dead? :(13:49
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AmosSamBadum: i was able to fit gnuk (only with ecc keys support) on tomu, with less than 2kb (or 1) of space left, but it had trouble initializing, and then my life derailed so I stopped working on it.... Gnuk has much better chance to work on fomu, and I'm currently working on it (albeit, slow...)14:53
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tntAmosSam: really ?15:29
tnthow so ? (wrt to fomu)15:30
AmosSamtnt: well, because of more flash and more ram memory...15:31
AmosSamTo fit gnuk on tomu, I had to strip all other algorithms except ecc, and it could only fit on tomu without bootloader...15:32
AmosSamAnd my plan is to use gpg (or pgp?) part of gnuk, and create from scratch usb and interface for riscV core on fomu...15:33
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BadumAmosSam I see. I wish I could help, but sadly my life isn't exactly right-side-up either.16:07
BadumMan I hope there'll be Fomu resellers. The price for just one or two pieces is way over my budget.16:08
tntAmosSam: ah oki, make sense. I'm wondering if it'd be possible to derive a PUF from the fpga fabric to allow unique encryption keys for the flash data.16:09
BadumAlso the FPGA on it is insane for such a tiny size.16:09
BadumAlso, I might be talking out of my arse, but don't ARM have a commercial compiler package that has some insane code size optimization?16:10
AmosSamBadum: i don't know, I never needed it, so I didn't check it... :-D16:11
BadumI'll ask my friend who works at ARM later today.16:12
AmosSamtnt: i understand what you are saying, but i don't have a clue... for me, first create working software, then think about fine details... B-)16:12
xobstnt: I need to rearrange the hardware repo. It's organised by branches.16:13
AmosSamBadum: but I don't see point in porting gnuk to tomu, it would be too constrained... in the begining i was hoping it could work, but later realized it's almost not worth the effort...16:14
xobsI need to collapse all the branches down to one and make subdirectories. Possibly throwing away history? Or maybe keep the history in the other branches...16:14
BadumAmosSam Fair enough. I need to figure out what to do with my Tomus... :D16:15
BadumI've got a smart card reader and a (working!) smart card anyhow.16:15
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tntxobs: in the end I only found the gerbers for the hacker board, no kicad files.16:24
tntbut I derived the data/positions I needed from there.16:24
xobstht: Look in the "pvt" branch, or for the evt boards the "evt" branch.16:24
tntI'm actually heading to the fablab now to try and get both a jig and a case made.16:24
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mithroAmosSam: Tomu verse Fomu btw17:17
mithrotnt: It appears I haven't published the Hacker Fomu kicad files!? https://github.com/im-tomu/fomu-hardware/tree/master/hacker17:17
tpbTitle: fomu-hardware/hacker at master · im-tomu/fomu-hardware · GitHub (at github.com)17:17
tntmithro: yeah, apparently not.18:01
tntxobs: btw, modified case printed nicely :)  At least I can insert/remove them safely from my usb port.18:02
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