Saturday, 2019-06-22

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xobsThat does look interesting!05:58
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acathla<futarisIRCcloud> Teardown live streams are up. <- I can't find the link11:24
acathlaoh, found it, sorru.
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futarisIRCcloudxobs / mithro: - sound familiar?13:58
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ewenAnyone at Teardown that can tell the AV team that the Hammer Boardroom Live Stream audio is muted?  (video is great in Hammer, just no audio; Mediatheque has good audio and video).21:45
ewenmithro: xobs: ^^^?21:46
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ewenFor those playing along at home, looks like they're trying to restart the Hammer stream -- it's currently just playing back the last (silent) 30 seconds and then hanging.  Fingers crossed it comes back with audio :-)22:18
ewenHammer video stream seems to be back now, with audio.  (Thanks xobs!)22:34
futarisIRCcloudThanks ewen22:45
futarisIRCcloudI want to watch the stream in 20 minutes too22:45
ewenfutarisIRCcloud: Current status: Hammer is back, with audio but no video.  I'm hopeful video will return when the next session starts (in a couple of minutes)...23:07
ewenYes!  We have video too :-)23:07
futarisIRCcloudMediateque - I Want to be an Engineer Panel: Perspectives on Getting Started in Engineering23:08
ewenHammer - Never Mind the Factory: Punk Manufacturing for a Better World23:10
futarisIRCcloudxobs / mithro: Mediateque seems to be down23:12
ewenI wonder if they're struggling for outbound bandwidth?  Audio in Hammer is working, but stuttering at times.  So maybe they can't do two streams at the bitrate they chose?23:14
futarisIRCcloudUp now23:14
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futarisIRCcloudmithro: Cool to get a shout out about open fpga tools in the Mediatheque room a couple of days ago.23:36
futarisIRCcloudSolo LIDAR and 12 layer boards23:37
futarisIRCcloudTiny linux boxes23:37
futarisIRCcloudMake it simple, don't feel intimated. Blink23:39
futarisIRCcloudThe other thing, is open source23:40
futarisIRCcloud(About Arduino)23:40
futarisIRCcloudDocumentation / user community23:41
futarisIRCcloudNew chip architectures23:44
futarisIRCcloudQuantum approach to chip design...23:45
futarisIRCcloudSmaller linux, risc-v, fpgas...23:45
futarisIRCcloudProliferation of cheap fpgas... Verilog / fpgas into logo turtle?23:51
futarisIRCcloudWrapper. Mention litex.23:52
futarisIRCcloudModern HeathKits.23:54
futarisIRCcloudAdafruit & sparkfun23:55

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