Monday, 2019-06-10

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xobsWoo! Plastic samples!
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mithrotnt: You were after the Fomu boards right?11:03
mithrotnt: I'm in Zurich at the moment and brought a whole bunch11:03
tntmithro: Ah yeah, that would be nice !11:03
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mithrotnt: I put some chubby's and pano logics in by bag too11:11
tntmithro: yeah, but as I mentionned, not sure I'd actually do anything with those. At least the ice40 I have several active projects with that. I'm trying to reduce the amount of hardware that I don't use to gain some space ... I've been giving away all the dev board I haven't used in some time so don't really want to pickup a pano or chubby just for it to take dust.11:16
mithrotnt: Okay, no worries11:16
mithroI'm sure I'll find a home for them11:16
tntYeah, I'm sure, they look like very interesting devices to play with,.11:17
tntmithro: What's a good email ?11:17
mithro[email protected]11:17
tntmithro / xobs : Are you guys planning to be at cccamp ?11:39
mithroI wil be11:40
mithroI have a ticket11:40
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xobsI suspect Teardown will be one of my last for a while...12:58
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