Friday, 2019-05-31

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im-tomu[mithro] Hello!00:37
mithroxobs: Say something here?00:39
xobsSomething here.00:39
xobs[Currently working on Gitter integration]00:39
mithroxobs: What gitter client are you using?00:39
xobsPerhaps changing my "real name" will help.00:56
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mithroxobs: Did you see
tpbTitle: Debugging · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
xobsmithro: I wrote that page.04:41
xobsIt actually should be updated since the syntax to specify cpu variants has changed.04:41
mithroOh, TomKiddle just updated the page...
tpbTitle: Compare Revisions · timvideos/litex-buildenv Wiki · GitHub (at
mithroI wish the rss feed for wiki pages did diffs04:42
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tumbleweedo_O there's an RSS feed?05:06
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xobsIt's news to me.  And I like RSS.05:48
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mithroAny github wiki ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB: Recent Wiki Updates (at
tpbTitle: litex-buildenv: Recent Wiki Updates (at
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caioauHello from brazil, i'm so excited to buy an tomu, I can some concern , the main one is that it's so small im afraid to loseit, do you guys use in your keychains?13:29
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pollocaioau: the ones I use just stay in my USB port13:30
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xobsMine, too.13:32
caioauto you find easy to lose it?13:33
xobsI don't, but I might be biased.13:41
caioauI order from crowd suply? when I got it, is it ready  to be used as u2f? Or do it need to flash and so on?13:52
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pollocaioau: you need to update the bootloader first and then you can flash the U2F stuff if you want14:02
caioaucool, is it easy?14:15
polloif you are familiar with command line interfaces, it's not very hard14:35
polloif you have trouble with it, just ping me here and I'll try to help14:46
caioauwhere are those instructions?14:47
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-bootloader: Bootloader for the EFM32HG Tomu Board (at
tpbTitle: chopstx/u2f at efm32 · im-tomu/chopstx · GitHub (at
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caioaucool , thanks16:41
caioaudo i have to build it?16:41
polloyou don't have to build the bootloader if you don't want to16:42
polloI would recommend building chopstx, as it enables you to keep a backup copy of your key16:42
caioauIll buy one for me and some for me friends17:07
caioauthanks for the help17:07
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polloif you want to use it in production, it's not a bad idea to have a backup board in case something goes wrong17:39
polloso you don't get locked out17:40
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pollois there any reason why there is a chopstx repository at but the production code is at
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/chopstx: U2F firmware for Tomu board (+ chopstx port) (at
polloI find that slightly confusing18:38
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