Thursday, 2019-05-23

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CarlFKwill tomu retain state across power cycle?04:37
CarlFKor maybe this isn't important ... here is what I want:04:38
CarlFK"press f8 to select boot device"  i often miss that and have to reboot and try again04:38
CarlFKif tomu would send f8 every second, and let me turn that on/off by touching04:39
CarlFKI could turn on the box, touch tomu, see red light, and know that it is sending f8 until I touch it again04:40
xobsCarlFK: You can set Tomu to auto-boot.04:40
xobsAnd if you don't clear memory, then it might be retained during a reboot.  No guarantees, though.04:41
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CarlFKI was thinking I wanted it to save a state across boots, but now that I think about it, I don't need that04:42
CarlFKsomehow I boot/reboot a box - im guessing the usb port gets powerd up 'quick' and I can decide 'touch tomu, activate  f8 f8 f8 ..."  and then ignore things for the 15 seconds it takes to get to the boot menu screen04:44
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coderobeCarlFK: fwiw, assuming you're not using PS/2, you can usually hold the key instead of hammering it :)08:32
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ToxicFrogIf you get that working, please publish the code, I'm still struggling with getting captouch and USB working at the same time.15:26
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mithrotnt: ping?23:34

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