Tuesday, 2019-04-30

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xobsPart of the problem appears to be that the USB Beagle's GND pin is broken.  That's not so much of an issue when I'm doing debug looping USB back into the Raspberry Pi, which doesn't have much of a concept of GND isolation.00:08
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kapaHey guys, sorry, maybe stupid question, but how can I rollback to "toboot" tomu status ? (I have v0.4)10:17
kapaI tried to short out the two outer pins with tweezers, as described here: https://github.com/im-tomu/tomu-bootloader10:18
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-bootloader: Bootloader for the EFM32HG Tomu Board (at github.com)10:18
kapabut no luck10:18
kapatpb, do you know any other way to reset tomu ?10:24
kapaah, it's bot :(10:25
futarisIRCcloudxobs: Any clues for kapa?10:33
kapaI used https://github.com/gl-sergei/u2f-token to flash Tomu. But it works strange. Only RED led in operate. But following: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tomu-discuss/HtlArkEWhCo It supposed to be green10:39
tpbTitle: GitHub - gl-sergei/u2f-token: u2f token firmware for stm32f103 and efm32hg boards (at github.com)10:39
pollokapa: well, mine works OK and I never saw a green LED running the u2f software10:40
AmosSamkapa: you need to short outher pins *while* pluging in tomu to usb10:40
AmosSamkapa: and for led color, there seems to be confusion which where goes, at least on my side... 馃槑10:41
kapaAmosSam, Yes, it was how I did.10:41
kapaI also used ENFORCE_DEBUG_LOCK=1 while compiling sources, waybe it's the reason why I can not reset it ?10:42
kapaAnd I sued my own generated key10:42
AmosSamkapa: it can be fiddly, but it should work!10:42
pollokapa: you should be able to boot into toboot anyway10:43
kapapollo, I insert my tomo, it flashes few time and stop. Then I go to demo page: https://akisec.com/demo/ and press test10:43
kapaTomu starts to flash fast10:43
AmosSamI'm not shure about that variable, but it shouldn't make any problems...10:43
polloThat's the normal u2f behavior10:43
kapaWhen I touch it it turned to red color. And then doesn't matter I touch it or no, it remains red10:43
polloThat's also normal behavior10:44
kapaAnd then I got error on demo page: "something went wrong"10:44
AmosSamkapa: did you tried blink example before flashing u2f?10:45
pollokapa: can you try it on https://demo.yubico.com/webauthn-technical/registration?10:45
tpbTitle: Yubico demo website (at demo.yubico.com)10:45
AmosSamkapa: also, with chrome only it works for me, on firefox no matter what it doesn't work...10:45
kapaAmosSam: no, I didn't. Yes, I'm using chrome10:46
kapapollo: let me try10:46
polloAmosSam: on older versions of FF you need to play with about:config10:46
polloas u2f support isn't on by default10:46
AmosSampollo: i did, everything by the book, and nothing worked... at least, it didn't worked on gmail...10:47
AmosSamAnd i have latest stable ff, on arch linux...10:47
kapaOn mentioned registration page I activated tomu, but there is still dialog open and waiting my "activation"10:48
polloThat's because of Google. They blocked gmail u2f in FF because they decided the FF implementation wasn't secure enough10:48
pollokapa: running Linux?10:48
kapaoh, now it's like that: http://prntscr.com/nincit10:48
tpbTitle: Screenshot by Lightshot (at prntscr.com)10:48
polloDid you add a udev rule and reboot?10:48
kapacurrently - windows10:48
polloAh, I can't help you there :(10:48
kapapollo: but does it really matter ? I thougth it should be the same. When I tried on Linux it was the same. I added rules for udev10:49
kapaanyway, thank you guys!10:51
polloI have 0 idea how windows works, but your tomu seems to behave like the way it normally does when the u2f software is loaded10:59
kapaBut no any demo works ...11:08
kapaand I can not reset it ;(11:09
AmosSamkapa: how did you flash toboot? Try flashing it again?11:26
kapaAmosSam: I used dfu-utils tools, how can I flash again if it doesnot run tooboot mode ?11:32
AmosSamI used black magic probe and flashed it directly... but I think you can flash it with raspberry pi and openocd...11:35
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/README.md at master 路 im-tomu/tomu-bootloader 路 GitHub (at github.com)11:36
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/README.md at master 路 im-tomu/tomu-bootloader 路 GitHub (at github.com)11:37
AmosSamkapa: check this guides, i used one of them to flash tomu...11:38
kapaThanks! I will try11:39
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kapasudo apt-get update12:55
kapasudo apt-get upgrade -y12:55
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AmosSamkapa: yea, they are all based on linux (ubuntu)... i can't help you with windows...13:08
kapaNo, I'm talking about: "why do we need to upgrade system before install openocd ? :-\ "13:09
kapaI was able to reset it. Thank you guys very much!13:09
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AmosSamkapa: so, it works now?13:21
AmosSamWhat did you do? For future reference 馃槑13:21
kapaAmosSam: did not try yet. Just reset board using https://github.com/im-tomu/tomu-bootloader/blob/master/openocd/README.md (raspberry pi) So I'm able to go into bootloader menu and re-flash it13:22
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/README.md at master 路 im-tomu/tomu-bootloader 路 GitHub (at github.com)13:22
kapaBTW: Do you have any video where it explains what's the normal Authentication process ?13:36
kapaAnd maybe some "error/blink codes" ?13:36
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xobstnt: what did you have in mind when you mentioned that the USB Rx pathway should be fixed?  Right now it still has that AsyncFIFO, which is adding a lot of latency and may be the source of some problems.16:13
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pollokapa: if you have a computer running a debian derivative (debian itself, raspbian for the rpi, ubuntu, etc.) you can install the libu2f-udev package (in testing in Debian)16:14
polloreboot the computer afterwards and if it doesn't work, it's indeed a problem with your tomu16:15
tntxobs: the 1:8 deserialization should be done in the 48 MHz domain.16:15
pollobut that'd be a way to debug your problem, as debian + libu2f-udev is a known good base16:15
tnteither that or the path across to the 12 MHz domain has to be able to accept 0,1 or 2 bits are each cycle and not just assume it always get exactly 1 bit.16:16
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