Monday, 2019-04-29

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synaption[m]I have poked at my problem some more.  so far I have loaded the latest fomu-pi-gen raspian image on my pi and cloned the foboot repo onto the pi.  when trying to run python3 --revision hacker I get OSError:  Subprocess failed.  After which I do not see build/gateware/top-multiboot.bin.  I was wondering if anybody knows what I should do to make the build work or if there is an existing working .bin that01:10
synaption[m]I could use.  Please and thankyou.01:10
futarisIRCcloudsynaption[m]: xobs is on a plane I think. I compiled the latest commit 6caffc and put it here:
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AmosSamThis ice40up5k looks nice... ๐Ÿ˜Ž07:28
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synaption[m]I think I almost have the bootloader working. thanks for the help so far.  I did "fomu-flash -w top-multiboot.bin" and that seemed to do the right thing, but when I put the fomu in my usb port and run dfu-util it doesn't seem to see anything.  As a sanity check I was able to fomu-flash -w the prebuilt blink binary from the fomu-tests repo via spi.  So im not sure the binary is right or more likely it's user error.17:31
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xobssynaption: what kind of machine are you using for USB? Is it windows?18:27
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synaption[m]with ubuntu 18.0420:21
xobsDoes the led start to blink?20:21
synaption[m]it does not20:21
xobsThe led is started by the cpu fairly early on in the boot sequence. It should turn on immediately.20:22
xobsMaybe the power pins aren't making good contact?20:22
xobsAlso, often the default user doesn't have permission to use USB directly, so you'll need to use sudo. But the first order of business is to get the led blinking.20:23
synaption[m]should it work if I just give it 5v?20:24
xobssynaption: it should.20:29
synaption[m]ya, I have nice bright lights with the blink binary, but nothing with top-multiboot20:39
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tntxobs: btw, did you try to run the USB compliance test suite against foboot ?20:57
xobstnt: I didn't. What's that?20:58
xobsThanks, that looks outrageously useful.21:00
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xobsmithro: the answer to "what's wrong with FreePDK45" is that it's fake.23:55
xobsFreePDK45 is a PDK that was created to be able to write papers about, because every other PDK was available under an NDA.  From what I gather, most PDKs have upwards of one thousand design rules, but FreePDK45 has somewhere between 100-500.  It's a thought experiment, and is a decent one at that.23:58

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