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synaption[m]so I got the image booted00:04
synaption[m]I'm not sure how to then flash the boot loader or get it on to the pi since its read only00:04
futarisIRCcloudhome / ~ is read-write.00:56
futarisIRCcloud is a good starting point00:56
futarisIRCcloudJust follow the instructions at for the hacker board.00:57
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/foboot: Bootloader for Fomu (at
futarisIRCcloud ...00:58
futarisIRCcloudsynaption[m]: ^01:03
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mithrofutarisIRCcloud / xobs: I guess we should write up a fomu-hacker page like that fomu-evt3 page....01:22
mithrotnt: It's between a 2 and 5 stage pipeline, so I guess between 2 and 5 cycles?01:22
tpbTitle: The VexRiscV CPU - A New Way to Design | Electronics etc… (at
futarisIRCcloudI'd ask the question directly to the developer, via e-mail or
tpbTitle: SpinalHDL/VexRiscv - Gitter (at
xobstnt: currently I use a two-stage pipeline.  But that really would be a good question to ask: how many cycles is each stage?02:02
xobsfutarisIRCcloud: I think the order of nice-to-have for me is MMC < MUL < compressed02:03
xobsAnd of course, figuring out why USB is broken again for XHCI devices.02:10
futarisIRCcloudtnt: MMC?02:17
xobsEr, MMU02:24
futarisIRCcloudWith XHCI, doesn't the tomu appear on the OHCI bus first? Might be something weird in the firmware causing it to accidentally try to switch to a higher speed.02:24
xobsCould be.  That's done with a special descriptor, which I don't provide.02:25
futarisIRCcloudCan you post a dmesg log from Linux, and create an issue in foboot / valentyusb?02:25
xobsBut this could just be bad cabling.02:25
xobsIt turns out Linux is fine, it's Windows that's the problem.02:25
futarisIRCcloudBad cabling?02:25
futarisIRCcloudIf it's in Windows, just run Windows in a VM, and capture the usb using usbmon.02:26
* xobs uploaded an image: image.png (59KB) < >02:26
xobsThere's an IN packet that wasn't NAKed.02:26
xobsAnd it's right in the middle of it NAKing other IN packets.02:26
futarisIRCcloudHmm. Only with a XHCI controller?02:29
xobsI think XHCI was a red herring.  It's Windows that's the issue.02:29
xobsWindows or clock timing or something else...02:30
futarisIRCcloudI.e. If you run Windows in a VM (VirtualBox) and pass through the controller as USB 1.1 or 2.0 it works?02:30
xobsI haven't tried that.02:30
futarisIRCcloudI tested it in a VM a few  days ago, and I was sure it was enumerating correctly.02:31
xobsTechnically I'm running Windows on a VM (qemu) with the whole USB bus passed through.  But that's my usual setup.02:31
futarisIRCcloudUSB controller or USB bus passthrough?02:31
xobsUSB controller.  The whole PCIe device.02:32
futarisIRCcloudI'd try and narrow it down to a USB controller issue first.02:33
xobsThough this is going Fomu -> Beagle -> my keyboard -> PC, where I'm sure there are a few hubs.02:33
futarisIRCcloudIf you use an external hub, then the bus (downstream) will run at that speed. USB 2 hub means USB 2. USB 1 hub means USB 1.02:34
futarisIRCcloudWhat's the topology in device manager?02:34
futarisIRCcloudAnd what chipset XHCI controller?02:35
xobsI didn't know Device Manager did topology like that.02:37
xobsACPI PC -> ACPI system -> PCI Express RC -> PCI-to-PCI Bridge -> PCI-to-PCI Bridge -> XHCI -> Root Hub -> Fomu02:37
futarisIRCcloudIf you're using vfio to pass the controller through, there are a few extra parameters, that you should add too:02:38
futarisIRCcloud goes through it on unraid...02:39
futarisIRCcloudIIRC, you usually have to make sure linux doesn't touch the controller, by isolating the PCI IDs.02:40
futarisIRCcloudSomething like:
tpbTitle: Windows 10 VM— USB 3.0 Issues : unRAID (at
xobsI seem to recall that I did that.  It was a challenge to get the video cards to work, for example.02:41
futarisIRCcloudIf you can narrow down the issue, to Windows or Windows in A VM (with a USB 3.0 controller), then it would help.02:48
xobsWell, good news: I'm going to get on a plane tonight to go to Latchup, and I'll just have my Windows laptop (+ rpi).  So lots of time to test, and a pretty big incentive to do so.02:48
futarisIRCcloudVideo cards are always an issue with QEMU VFIO. Usually have to isolate, and pass through the BIOS / UEFI ROM at the very least...  Unraid makes it slightly easier.02:48
futarisIRCcloudOff to latchup? :)02:49
xobsYep!  I'm going to visit home first.  Since Southern California and Portland are right next to each other, relatively speaking.02:49
futarisIRCcloudLAX? I always dreaded transiting through there, when I flew to SFO from Brisbane.02:51
xobsAgreed.  But it's near my parents.  So the choices are to drive, or go to sfo and board another plane.02:53
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tpbTitle: foboot/usb-desc.c at master · im-tomu/foboot · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: USB in a NutShell - Chapter 5 - USB Descriptors (at
tpbTitle: USB device descriptors - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs (at
futarisIRCcloud0x0210 ?03:29
xobsShould be 2.1, but little endian. (big endian?)03:31
xobsI think part of it is the state machine getting into an error state and never leaving. I'm going to fix that and rebuild. Once I'm back at my house in about three hours.03:31
tpbTitle: USB 2.1, 2.0, 1.1 device enumeration changes in Windows 8 - Microsoft Tech Community - 270775 (at
tpbTitle: How does USB stack enumerate a device? - Microsoft Tech Community - 270685 (at
futarisIRCcloudIf the device is attached to a USB 1.1 hub, is operating at Full-Speed, and its USB Device Descriptor bcdUSB field is greater than or equal to 0x200, the hub driver will issue a GET_DESCRIPTOR for descriptor type DEVICE_QUALIFIER (6).03:40
futarisIRCcloudThe successful completion of the request indicates the device can support USB 2.0 high-speed operation.03:40
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tpbTitle: Why does my USB device work on Windows 8.0 but fail on Windows 8.1 with code 43? - Microsoft Tech Community - 270819 (at
xobsWe do have a bos descriptor...04:41
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mithroxobs: Any idea what is wrong with the FreePDK45? It seems to have been released in 2008 under an Apache 2 license?
tpbTitle: FreePDK45:Release Notes - NCSU EDA Wiki (at
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