Tuesday, 2019-04-23

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xobsmithro: I printed one Fomu Hacker jig, and I have two more going right now.  No promises on whether the pogo pin holes will work, but it's looking pretty good.04:19
mithroxobs: Interested to see04:30
mithroxobs: Jig turned up today but haven't had a chance to open the box...04:33
xobsmithro: I'm also interested to see how well that one works.04:36
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MadHackerxobs: If the pogo-pin holes are too small, and it's on 3D printed plastic, then just warming them up with a soldering iron or even some boiling water should let you push them home.07:38
xobsMadHacker: good point. my concern was that the leftover rosin would cure, plugging up the holes.07:46
xobsI found that I can run some magnet wire through the holes to clean them out prior to curing, which results in what I assume to be a reasonably usable pogo pin hole.07:48
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xobsWoo: https://github.com/xobs/micropython/tree/fomu/ports/fomu14:29
tpbTitle: micropython/ports/fomu at fomu · xobs/micropython · GitHub (at github.com)14:29
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mithroxobs: \o/17:50
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kerelDoes fomu w/ micropython qualify for the smallest Python REPL built?22:09
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futarisIRCcloudxobs: Yay. micropython. And only two commits to get it working.22:48
futarisIRCcloudxobs: Doesn't work on the hacker board.23:20
futarisIRCcloudxobs: Sorry. It works on hacker board. I forgot to 'dfu-util -e'23:24
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