Saturday, 2019-04-20

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xobs"Info:            ICESTORM_LC:  5252/ 5280    99%" I really am impressed.  Such utilization.09:43
tntkind of lucky it placed at all ... I had a 80% full design on a lp384 that wouldn't pass initial placement step, I now have a custom nextpnr with an improved algo for it to work ...09:45
xobsInteresting.  Is it a candidate for upstreaming?09:47
xobsSure takes forever to route.09:51
tntI tried but seems he didn't understand at all what I was aiming for ...
tpbTitle: Smarter initial placement for ice40 · Issue #116 · YosysHQ/nextpnr · GitHub (at
xobsI see, and it was just kinda left there :(09:55
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