Tuesday, 2019-04-16

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m_wanyone around to do a schematic review on the latchup badge?04:56
m_wit is pretty much done just need a review before I send it off for fab04:57
m_wthe review is not super critical because we aren't populating them but I rather it be a functional design05:15
tntm_w: sure05:45
m_wtnt: hey05:59
m_wtnt: you have kicad or would you prefer a schematic in pdf form?05:59
tntI have kicad 5.0.x06:01
m_wokay lemme push what I have now06:02
tpbTitle: GitHub - mwelling/latchup-badge: ICE40 Badge for Latch-Up 2019 (at github.com)06:04
m_wI might add a few buttons and an RGB LED but I am more worried about whether I have enough broken out for initial programming06:05
m_wwent all meta and put part of the schematic on the silkscreen06:06
tntm_w: schematics looks fine.06:24
tntm_w: I might connected the WP & HLD pin of the flash to fpga pins to allow QSPI operation.06:25
m_wtnt: cool any gripes on the pcb layout?06:25
m_wnot really a fan of the long antenna that the programming header makes06:26
tntyeah, the trace you have on the back really split the gnd plane ...06:28
tntI would just do 'short jumps' where needed and route most of them on the top.06:29
tnterr swap top/bottom in what I said (since most of the stuff is on the bottom)06:29
m_wI can jump CRESET and CDONE to open up the plane a bit06:30
m_wmoar GND = better06:31
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m_wtnt: pull the lastest and see if that looks better06:38
Xobsm_w: Are you sure you got D0/D1 wired the right way around on the SPI?06:40
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m_wXobs: err maybe06:43
tntXobs: It seemed correct to me. did you notice an error ?06:46
m_wIO0 goes to ICE_SO and I01 goes to ICE_SI06:47
m_wchecks against fomu and icebreaker06:48
XobsSorry, the ICE40 naming convention always throws me.  You're right.06:48
tntThat's what I thought I did.06:48
tntflash pin 5 to ice40 pin 1406:49
XobsThe naming always throws me.  SPI_SO is MOSI, and SPI_SI is MISO.  The ICE40 pin name is backwards from what I normally think of.06:49
m_wso adding the IO2-IO3 for xip might be a good idea?06:50
Xobsm_w: Yes, definitely wire up IO2-IO3. It's easy and free.06:50
XobsAnd the latest Foboot should support that now.06:50
m_wand RGB maybe some buttons?06:50
m_wI think these will be my last changes before tomorrow morning06:51
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m_wgot the RGB LED in07:28
m_wnext up buttons07:28
m_wtnt: Xobs: I pushed the final changes and it is ready for the last approval07:59
m_wlet me know if I f'd something up07:59
Xobsm_w: I enjoy the amount of decoupling you have on there :)08:05
XobsYou still have the notes in the lower-right corner of the schematic.08:05
m_wXobs: doh!08:06
m_wlast call08:10
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m_wsent to the fab, thanks for the help08:51
XobsAnd I'm looking forward to getting many more people testing Foboot.09:08
XobsI'm getting ready to send stuff for mass production.09:08
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xobsthere, matrix is starting to come backup14:56
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