Saturday, 2019-04-13

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tpbTitle: Latchup (at
mithroI will have Fomus to give out!03:09
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futarisIRCcloudPatch-Up at Latch-Up. 3 weeks from now, ending at this hour...03:19
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xobsNormally I use Matrix to connect, but lately it's been... having issues.05:55
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tntxobs: lol, no kidding.06:36
xobsI've wanted to be able to self-host an "IRC puppet" for a while.  Maybe this'll convince me to set that up.06:45
AmosSamIRC puppet?07:31
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xobsAmosSam: Matrix has the ability to bridge networks, which provides very nice integration, but can be kinda heavy-handed.  So for Freenode, for example, they want you to use their bridge.08:18
xobsA "puppet" is a bridge that you run yourself that just acts on your behalf.  Puppets are for 1:1 things that are hard to bridge, like Hangouts or iMessage.08:18
AmosSamAhaaa. I have my own xmpp server with irc bridge, so I have constatnt connection on my phone... event if connection drops, i'll get backlog of messages...08:20
AmosSamAnd for some reason, I don't like matrix...08:20
xobsThat's fair.  It has Opinions.  But somehow Riot is the one client I've actually managed to stick to.08:40
xobsAlso, I finally created a Debian repository for all the Fomu bits.  It's up at, and is bundled in the fomu rpi image as of 1.2.8 (which I still need to test...)08:43
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spacekookieHey, I'm having a weird issue where when I flash some code onto tomu (say the blink example), it just goes back to "bootloader" mode the next time I plug it in, instead of starting the thing I flashed19:30
spacekookieIs this a known/common issue?19:30
AmosSamspacekookie: afaik, that's by design... you need to run dfu-util -e to have foboot run your code...19:34
spacekookieI was confused by this because when I flash the u2f firmware it doesn't do this19:35
AmosSamUps, sorry, wrong board19:35
spacekookieIs that for the fomu? :P19:36
AmosSamYou have toboot header file, and you need to set macro to instruct bootloader to auto run your cofr19:36
AmosSamYea, sorry19:36
spacekookieAah okay19:42
spacekookieOkay cool, thanks :)19:42
AmosSamspacekookie: if you go to you will find on lines 59-63 how to enable autoboot19:42
spacekookieNow my code still doesn't do what it's supposed to but that's a different problem x)19:43
AmosSamJust go to tomu-samples repo, and in usb_simple folder you'll find explanation19:44
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