Thursday, 2019-04-11

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xobsm_w: for the actual jig itself, usually I just have the factory make one. I've seen them go for anywhere from US$50-150. At that price, it's just not worth it to me to diy it.00:27
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xobsI just published v1.2.7 of the Fomu rpi image:
tpbTitle: Release HeAP Placer & Fomu-Flash Fixes · im-tomu/fomu-pi-gen · GitHub (at
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tpbTitle: VGA Video out on BluePill Embedded Rambling (at
tpbTitle: GitHub - mubes/vidout: VGA Video output on CORTEX-M3. Vidout provides 50 x 18 text output on a STM32F103 CPU (e.g. BluePill) using only 24% of the CPU, 1.2K of RAM and 7K of Flash. Its intended as a debug aid and should be trivial to port to other CPUs. You can see it in action at (at
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xobsI'll never get tired of the magic that is bit-banging video signals.08:03
xobsAnyway, I just pushed a change to Foboot.  The latest image now includes the ability to boot a RISC-V program instead of a bitstream.08:05
xobscc: AmosSam08:06
xobsI have an example program in the "examples" directory.  You'd use it like you'd flash a bitstream.  That is, compile it (with "make"), then load it with "dfu-util -D example.bin", then boot it with "dfu-util -e".08:07
AmosSamI'll test it afternoon (in about 6 hours is that) and report back08:09
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mifunenice, i'll also have a go at it this evening10:14
xobsLooking forward to feedback!10:14
xobsA cdc serial port should also be possible.10:15
xobsAnd then I should look into python.10:15
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AmosSamWhy python??12:14
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AmosSamxobs: flashed new foboot with rpi, connected fomu to my laptop, and flashed example.bin (from riscv-blink) and it works!15:37
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AmosSamDo I miss something, or led blink cannot be disabled with current code? What ever I put for led off time, it always blinks, only difference is how slow.16:31
tnt you need to disable the breathing mode as well if you want it on.16:56
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AmosSamSo, I can't have breathing without blinking?17:34
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tntwell, breathing is blinking with a progressive fade, so I17:45
tnt'm not sure what you mean ?17:46
tntif you set ledoff to zero, it should fade out then immediately start fading in again with no delay.17:47
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mifunexobs: got it to work as well18:15
AmosSamtnt: it's not delay between breathing, it's blinking over breathing, if that makes sense... so, for ex., red is fading in, and untill it reaches max brightness, it'll blink 3 or 4 times... and it's same for all colors...18:47
tntAmosSam: weird, that's not supposed to do that18:52
AmosSamtnt: i'll try to record video of it and upload it somewhere...18:53
AmosSamI figured from code that it should work somehow like that...18:54
tntAmosSam: try disableing the color_wheel stuff and set a fixed color19:15
AmosSamtnt: I did, and the color stays same and same intensity, but still blinks with same speed...19:16
tntbut that blinking is the breathing ?19:17
tnton the video it's hard to tell with the color changing.19:17
AmosSamWait a sec19:17
tntyeah, so that looks like the breathing, it's just ... fast.19:24
AmosSamYea, now when I set 0,0,255(pure red) it looks like breathing, fast...19:26
tntThat's because the breathing mode is configured to 'FIXED'. so the ramp rate is fixed and not a function of the color value. So to reach 50, it wouldn't take the 128 ms configured, but 128 * 50 / 256 = 25 ms and then stay at intensity 50 for the remaining 100 ms of the ramp duration.19:28
tntuse BREATHE_MODE_MODULATE instead. and increase the ramp time.19:28
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AmosSamOk, when I comment all code except first line (rgb_ctrl_write) in rgb_init im rgb.c file, I still get breathing... And what ever other changes I do to rgb_init function, I only get different timings on breathe, and can't get solid on led...19:39
tntAmosSam: well the bootloader sets up the breathing ... so not writing is not enough, you need to actually set it to not breathe.19:40
tntset LEDDBCRR=0  LEDDBCFR=0  LEDDOFR=0  and LEDDONR=0xff19:41
AmosSamI was just making those changes! B-)19:42
AmosSamYep, that works... thx19:44
AmosSamI figured it out... I was wrong because I thought that on/off time was separate from breathing... and thats why I couldn't understand code...20:00
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futarisIRCcloudxobs: Looks good. I'll try and test foboot and a RISC-V program this weekend. Has anyone started on CDC serial yet?22:18
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