Tuesday, 2019-04-09

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mifunetnt: i only have two working fomu's left05:54
mifunei still have several hundered pogo pins though, so i can help you with a programming jig.05:54
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xobsToday's been spent working with the factory trying to qualify a new PCB vendor. That's annoying. But I'm also working on the case, which I'm designing to fit DVT, PVT, and Hacker boards.11:16
MadHackerxobs: PCB vendor any trouble? I imagine for production fomu the pitch is pretty fine, and I guess you're on 0.8mm boards or similar?11:26
xobsMadHacker: 0.6mm. With edge plating, gold fingers, enig everywhere else, and blind/buried vias. It's a fun one.11:28
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MadHackerOuch, yeah. It's like a whole catalogue of extra-cost items.11:28
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AmosSamxobs: would this work (with some moddification)? I saw in merged pull req some about up5k support13:57
tpbTitle: GitHub - cliffordwolf/picorv32: PicoRV32 - A Size-Optimized RISC-V CPU (at github.com)13:57
tntYeah you can run the picorv32 on up5k13:58
xobsAmosSam: That would work, and in fact litex has picorv32 support built in. I just use vexriscv.13:58
AmosSamThis one: https://github.com/SpinalHDL/VexRiscv ?14:01
tpbTitle: GitHub - SpinalHDL/VexRiscv: A FPGA friendly 32 bit RISC-V CPU implementation (at github.com)14:01
xobsThat's the one.14:02
AmosSamI would like to flash riscV core, so I can develop some things... if I build riscV bitstream, I can use it as foboot payload (or how is that called)?14:03
xobsYes, you can use it as a Foboot image ("payload" works, too).14:04
xobsThe trick is that you don't necessarily have a way to communicate with it yet.14:04
xobsThough it should be possible to generate an image with valentyusb and a USB serial driver.14:04
AmosSamAppologies if my questions seems basic, but fomu is my first encounter with fpga, and I'm still learning...14:05
tntI still need to compare the Vex vs picorv performance-wise.14:05
AmosSamSo, it would need vexriscv+valentyusb+usb driver  image ?14:05
tntyou could pretty much take the foboot image and just change the sw.14:06
xobsProbably the way to do it is to create a bitstream with vexriscv+valentyusb, then write driver code.14:07
tntah wel you might want a couple more EP to do CDC for instance.14:07
xobsI'm suspicious.  With the latest vexriscv changes, somehow I can fit all the required endpoints in.14:09
AmosSamOk, now I have more than enought to read... thx14:09
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tntxobs: latest changes ?14:16
xobstnt: the ones I was working on a few weeks ago. Two-stage pipeline and all that.14:17
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mithromifune / tnt: I'm happy to ship a sheet or two to you in europe?17:11
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mifunemithro: dutch customs isn't too difficult, so i could accept them, send a portion to tnt and send some to people in the dutch hacker scene who are interested in helping19:02
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CarlFKwhats a good fomu url?21:32
CarlFKhttps://github.com/im-tomu/fomu-hardware  ?21:46
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/fomu-hardware: Tomu FPGA (Fomu for short), a FPGA which fits inside your USB port! (at github.com)21:46
polloCarlFK: I don't think there is a "proper" page like the one for the tomu yet21:46
polloyou could also use the crowdfunding page21:47
CarlFKk - it's for a "come to Latch-Up hackfest" announcement  - GitHub seems good.  it links to crowdsupply21:53
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