Saturday, 2019-04-06

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xobsOkay, I made a release of foboot:
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/foboot: Bootloader for Fomu (at
xobsMost of what you want to do is in the "hw" directory.  Run "python --revision hacker" (or whatever), and it'll generate some bitstreams for you.  You ought to be able to flash "build/gateware/top-multiboot.bin".03:37
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mifunetrying to build the bitstream. First thing i encountered is that the directory build/gateware is not created, had to do that manually08:25
xobsmifune: That's a good point.  I'll fix that, thanks!08:26
xobsI'll move it so that that file is created after the rest of the build.08:28
xobsFixed that issue.08:31
mifunexobs: generated the bitstream and flashed it to a hacker board, but i'm getting no signs of life09:13
xobsmifune: :(09:13
xobsThere are many things that could have gone wrong.  No LED at all means the CPU isn't running.09:14
xobsOh, wrong pin for the crystal.09:16
xobsTry that?09:16
mifunei see no leds09:17
xobsI had the oscillator listed as pin F4, not F5, so there would be no clock signal at all.09:17
mifuneyep, just compared it with the working rgb blink i have. Where can i find the pin definitions?09:19
xobsThey're in foboot-bitstream.py09:19
xobsI just pushed a change that fixes that.09:20
xobs(so if you pull, it'll give you a fixed version)09:20
mifuneand i have blink/enumeration09:24
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xobsNote that it doesn't [yet] protect SPI flash, so it's still possible to nuke the flash.10:05
xobsBut still, it's nice that it works with the Hacker boards!  Finally, we have a bootloader.10:05
mifunefirst i have to figure out how to flash anything at all, but yeah, not tearing down my pogopin/raspberry pi programmer just yet.10:37
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xobsmifune: To flash something, use "dfu-util -D [bitstream].bin".  You can flash the blinky test that way.10:48
xobsTo actually boot it, run "dfu-util -e".  That will reboot and load anything that's at offset 262144.10:48
mifunei get an error, sometimes immediately, sometimes after it uploaded a part. The furthest i got is 8k11:02
mifunexobs: dfu-util spits out state(10) = dfuERROR, status(14) = Something went wrong, but the device does not know what it was11:03
xobsThat's interesting, because it never sets errUNKNOWN.  Does the LED change to red color at all?11:06
mifuneit goes into a faster blink and it seems to go from magenta to red11:07
xobsThat means that it's setting its own error state then.  Which means it's a Foboot error and not necessarily an error with the USB PHY/MAC.11:08
xobsmifune: it set errUNKNOWN in an earlier version, but I took that out a few days ago.11:16
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AmosSamxobs: i'm trying to build foboot on rpi (image from tomu repo), and first step is to build bios, for which it needs riscv64 toolchain... from what repo should I install it?20:41
AmosSamAnd on rpi I only have riscv32 toolchain20:42
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AmosSamOk, builded foboot on laptop, and wrote generated top-multiboot, and it enumerates and led flashes slowly...23:02
AmosSamWhen I buld in sw folder, and try to load resulting foboot.bin, it returns same error as mifune wrote... and led blinks faster and in red color...23:04
AmosSamAnd to build bootloader, I had to comment line 593 in, because it won't build with it...23:19
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