Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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xobsI feel silly.  Here I am trying to get SB_WARMBOOT working, wondering why it isn't, and then I realize that I'm not booting from SPI, so it probably won't really work so well.05:21
tntxobs: what are you booting from ?07:16
xobstnt: Up to this point, I've just been loading a bitstream with the FPGA as a slave device.07:16
xobsOkay, after spending a lot of time yesterday playing with configurations, I finally got something that sorta works. The MVP is in sight!07:54
xobsI just need to fix the block writing offset, and figure out why SB_WARMBOOT isn't working right. In theory, I should be able to issue a dfuDETACH request and it'll boot from offset 262144, but that's not working right yet.07:55
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mithroxobs: Opps :-P16:19
mithroDo any of the tomu repositories use git submodules?17:26
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