Thursday, 2019-03-14

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hegemoOnhello there11:16
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hegemoOni got a fomu @fosdem14:31
hegemoOnbut i dont know much what i can do with it :)14:31
tntAh lucky you :)  Was someone selling them at fosdem ?14:32
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hegemoOngiving them for free14:39
hegemoOnthey were two guys sitting at a desk in the fosdem pub14:39
tntarf, I missed that somehow.14:40
hegemoOnand while waiting in the queue to grab a coffe they propose my friend an i this device14:40
hegemoOnso i left with a business card14:40
hegemoOnand this little piece of device14:40
xobsSadly, I'm still working on the bootloader. USB is working, and I'm pretty close to getting dfu mode working. I just need an oscilloscope, and I'll be able to work on it next Tuesday.14:41
xobsYou can set up a programming jig using clips.14:43
xobsI have a work-in-progress fork of the foboot hardware that includes a spi controller, which ought to be what's needed for an MVP.14:44
xobshegemoOn: there's some instructions on how to build a programmer at and if you have a Raspberry Pi you ought to at least be able to communicate with the spi flash.14:46
tpbTitle: fomu-hardware/README.asciidoc at master · im-tomu/fomu-hardware · GitHub (at
hegemoOnnice i will test14:50
xobshegemoOn: there's a Raspberry Pi distro at that has fomu-flash, nextpnr, yosys, a riscv compiler, and an lm32 compiler. If you don't already have an image set up.14:53
tpbTitle: Releases · im-tomu/fomu-pi-gen · GitHub (at
hegemoOnwill check that15:13
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mithroThis change reduces the size of PicoRV32 in it's default configuration by 6% on iCE40: 1915 LUTs vs 1802 LUTs. (Feel free to track down where that difference comes from. I'm not spoiling it here. But I'll say this much: It's a really stupid QoR / miscompilation bug.)17:39
mithroxobs: ^17:40
tntmithro: Mmm, i'm interested :p17:41
tntmithro: where can I get that change ? I don't see anything in the picorv32 or nextpnr or yosys repo.17:45
tpbTitle: Improve handling of "full_case" attributes by cliffordwolf · Pull Request #872 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
tnt3198 -> 3076 for my design, not bad for just pulling 1 commit I guess :)17:49
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