Wednesday, 2019-03-13

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futarisIRCcloudFSiC2019 does look interesting. _florent_ and xobs are there. Anyone else?00:10
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rohitksingh_workxobs: is it correct command for loading the foboot firmware to fomu using fomu-flash -> "fomu-flash -l foboot.bin -f top.bin" ?05:40
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xobs<freenode_roh "xobs: is it correct command for "> rohitksingh_work: that should be the command, yes.07:17
rohitksingh_workxobs: thanks!07:24
MadHackerOo, the HiFive folks have a new chip and new board with it. Shiny. More RISC-V goodness.09:07
MadHacker(The little arduinio-y style ones, not the big expensive motherboard)09:09
tntBut can you buy the chips ?09:15
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MadHackertnt: Yes.10:27
MadHacker right-hand side, five-pack of FE310-G00210:27
tpbTitle: HiFive1 Rev B | Crowd Supply (at
tntheh, I was hoping for more like digikey/mouser/... not .. a 5 pack from crowdsupply as the only source.10:29
MadHackerSure. It's a small company, and their core business is custom chip designs, not selling these. You can get in touch with them directly if you want quantity.10:30
MadHackerThey're using either TSMC's 180nm or 28nm processes, and claiming production quantities in weeks-not-months turnaround, so I guess they're basically passing on TSMC's lead times.10:32
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futarisIRCcloud“El Correo Libre Issue 13” by Gareth Halfacree
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