Tuesday, 2019-02-26

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xobsObviously I didn't spend enough time on it.  The rom patching only worked about 95% of the time.  With the new search-and-replace technique it should work 100% of the time.09:53
xobsAnd with that, time to get back to fixing USB stuff.  Current status: trying to fix the bit unstuffer.09:53
xobs(Maybe I should be tweeting this...)09:53
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xobsAlso, I just made a pre-release version of the Fomu Raspberry Pi image, now with RISC-V and fomu-flash ROM-patch support: https://github.com/im-tomu/fomu-pi-gen/releases/tag/v1.2.1-fomu11:17
tpbTitle: Release Fomu EVT3 with RISC-V toolchain · im-tomu/fomu-pi-gen · GitHub (at github.com)11:17
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