Wednesday, 2019-02-20

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mithroxobs: I think most of should probably just be deleted :-P03:34
tpbTitle: Anything that is actually useful here should just go upstream? · Issue #1 · xobs/lxsocsupport · GitHub (at
mithroxobs: Anything which shouldn't be deleted, probably should end up in litex properly03:35
mithroxobs: One of those things which has always been on the todo list...03:35
xobsmithro: I could see that! I made it because of the up5kpsram module, because I thought that if that module was important then the other stuff must be important too.03:35
mithroxobs: I think cr1901_modern was going to get it upstream but never got around to it?03:35
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mithro<xobs> mithro: I could see that! I made it because of the up5kpsram module, because I thought that if that module was important then the other stuff must be important too.03:36
mithro<mithro> xobs: I think cr1901_modern was going to get it upstream but never got around to it?03:36
mithrocr1901_modern: -^03:36
cr1901_modern? The up5kpsram module should already be in litex-buildenv03:37
xobscr1901_modern: it is, but I'm not using litex-buildenv anymore, which is why I pulled those modules into the `lxsocsupport` temporary repo I created.03:39
mithroxobs is a traitor to the cause03:40
cr1901_modernYea I have a vested interest in keeping things in one place, but what are you gonna do :/03:40
cr1901_modernxobs: So what's the problem? I've been... well, kinda overwhelmed w/ my todo list03:40
mithrocr1901_modern: It should be in litex right?03:40
xobscr1901_modern: with litex-buildenv, or with the lxsocsupport repo?03:41
cr1901_modernmithro: I don't recall having such a convo03:41
cr1901_modernxobs: Could you restate your q :P? I don't understand03:42
mithrocr1901_modern: Why isn't up5kpsram in upstream litex I think is the question03:42
xobscr1901_modern: I wasn't sure what your "what's the problem?" was referring to -- me using lxbuildenv instead of litex-buildenv, or the upstreaming of things like up5kpsram into litex.03:43
cr1901_modernmithro: B/c I never felt a pressing need to put it there :). It's quite family-specific, so I think it should stay w/ the family-specific IP in litex-buildenv03:43
mithroxobs: BTW The lto-enable stuff which is kind of got mashed into the Fomu stuff is being tracked at -- that stuff isn't essential for the Fomu stuff but probably if we want to use tinyusb03:44
tpbTitle: Enable link time optimisation in builds · Issue #139 · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
cr1901_modernxobs: I was referring to "what's the problem with the lxsocsupport repo", but I think I see the problem now.03:46
cr1901_modernIn any case, my time is directed mostly towards litex-buildenv, and I was under the impression/opinion that the up5kspram module was a litex-buildenv-specific IP03:46
cr1901_modern_I_ didn't plan on upstreaming it to litex03:47
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AmosSammithro: gnuk succesufly flashed to tomu, when running over blackmagic probe gdb, it works to the point where it waits for usb connection, so all init functions work... Over usb it wont enumerate, but that's probably irq or address issues...09:44
mithroAmosSam: oh? You figured out the space problem?09:45
AmosSammithro: yes, found heap memory definitions, and played with values... after that, fw size was around 65kb, and after un-optimizing sha-256 function, it was reduces to 58kb09:47
AmosSamOf course, after i found heap memory defs, i saw that it has ifdef's for down to 8kb od rama specs...09:48
mithroTried -Os? :-P09:48
mithroMight want to make sure you have lto enabled too09:48
mithroAmosSam: are you using newlib?09:49
AmosSam-Os was from the start09:49
AmosSamNewlib? I'm using gnuk repo from tomu-samples...09:49
AmosSamAnd i had to modify linker map file09:51
AmosSammithro: and gcc flags are mostly taken from minimal project from tomu-quickstart makefile09:57
mithroNo idea if they are good or not09:58
AmosSamI'm at work, and don't have my laptop with me to tell you precisely...09:58
mithroI know that thumb instructions can often save code size too09:58
AmosSamWell, they build and other samples work with them...09:58
mithroxobs probably knows more09:58
AmosSamWill check this evening...09:58
mithroAmosSam: no guarantee they are optimal09:59
mithroMost people stop at "working" :-)09:59
AmosSamWell, this one still doesn't "work"... B-)09:59
xobsAmosSam: the tomu-quickstart flags were taken from some chibitronics projects we use, so they should be pretty optimized. They're already thumb2, since that's all the M0 will execute.10:01
xobsYou might be interested in "nm --size-sort" to try and figure out what's taking the space.10:01
AmosSamxobs: I used nm to find that sha-256 was biggest! (And easies to modify...)10:01
AmosSamAnd space problem is fixed, fw is running on tomu, just need to fix usb comms now...10:04
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AmosSam_can I connect gdb over SWD (blackmagic probe) and plug tomu in usb? will that work, or something will release magic smoke?19:04
AmosSam_I need to debug usb initialization, and don't know any other way to do it...19:04
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