Tuesday, 2019-02-19

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mithroAmosSam: the Tomu does have very limited ram resources06:56
mithroAmosSam: the Fomu has a *lot* more space06:57
AmosSamI knew that, but I was hoping anyway...06:57
mithroAmosSam: you should make sure that all code is ending up in the flash section06:57
AmosSamWell, what I could see (and understand), it does... map file sizes/addresses add up corectly...06:59
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mithroWood Tomu programmer! https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/RLxrawX2/image.png07:31
xobsAmosSam: you can make sure stuff goes in flash by marking it "const", which will free it from RAM.07:33
xobsmithro: Woo!07:33
AmosSamxobs: but then variable is constant, immutable?07:38
xobsAmosSam: correct. so you'd do that for things like private and public keys, which are large and don't ever change.07:38
AmosSamxobs: hmm, so another look on code... but gnuk uses "flash" storage for keys, because you can change them without reflashing fw. Thx for hint07:41
mithroxobs: I think the CSRs were also broken at width greater than 8bits08:01
mithroxobs: Looking at your comment - it's likely to do with the sys clock multiple weirdness08:09
xobsmithro: quite possibly.08:12
xobsmy bodge to update CSRStorage seems to be working at least.08:12
mithroxobs: Did you see Luke's questions around the USB stuff...08:14
mithro(On twitter)08:14
xobsmithro: no, where are they?08:14
mithroxobs: https://twitter.com/mithro/status/109774887975837696008:15
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xobsmithro: down to just 4 failures with epmem...15:48
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AmosSam_me again... is it possible to flash on tomu firmware with file size of 58376 bytes? I suppose i need to overwrite bootloader?19:44
AmosSam_with stlink and openocd, yes...21:05
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mithroxobs: that is enough you can probably start testing on hardware23:31
mithroxobs: I would recommend doing that sooner rather than later23:32
mithroxobs: the epmem interface hasn't been tested on hardware in any way...23:32

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