Thursday, 2019-02-14

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mithroxobs: that is somewhat unexpected?01:15
xobsmithro: I've been working on getting epmem functioning.01:17
mithroDid it make sense how the pointers worked?01:24
mithroThere where / are a couple of optimisations that I was planning on doing01:25
xobsI think I see how it's supposed to work, and yes.  I think the big issue I'm running into now is DATA0/DATA1.  But the good news is that I'm at a point where I'm starting to understand how this is all put together, which means I can start in on actually using it.01:25
mithroxobs: the DAT stuff it controlled by a seperate register01:29
mithroBe careful the simulation of registers is broken in some cases01:30
xobsI noticed DAT was behaving a bit funny.  I'd like to know how the simulation is broken.  I can see the path forward, but I just need to understand the values of some of the registers.  Things like eps_idx, which I'm still figuring out if it's a bitfield or a counter.01:42
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mithroxobs: it is neither05:31
mithroeps_idx is a mux select control05:31
mithroIt selects which set of endpoint registers and such are used05:32
mithroep_addr + IN/OUT05:33
tannewtmithro and xobs: I'm hoping to make it to teardown05:35
mithrotannewt: that would be great05:36
tannewtif either of you are ever in seattle let me know. I'm happy to meet up05:37
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